Lord Have Mercy, My Heart Cries, I Can't Believe Bishop T.D. Jakes Is A Part Of This!

Folks on social media really have a problem with Pastor John Hagee inviting Bishop T.D. Jakes to, speak, while me, myself and I have got a problem with Bishop T.D. Jakes accepting an invite from Pastor John Hagee to speak.  And by the way, this feast took place a week ago from Oct. 9-16, 2014 or Tishrei 15 - 22, 5775. This was five days after the Day of Atonement/Yom Kippur (Leviticus 23, Deuteronomy 16).


  1. Why are you surprised? They have been in "covenant" with each other since the early 90's!

  2. Ann you right folks on Pastor Hagee Facebook page or upset, check out the following comment: I'm a little disappointed in Bro.HAgee letting T D Jakes share his pulpit how can. (Jakes) be following God and endorse Obama like he did and also be on Oprah's show a d pretend she is serving The One True God in one breath and saying what ever god u believe in there is One God and she can't believe t:hat and make that statement and J.akes couldn't have been more proud up there on her show and obooma we all know he prays to alla IDK. Just don't u nderstand

  3. I enjoyed the sermon. T.D. Jakes was off the chain. I hear the knocking at the door and I'm opening it up. Lord come on in. Blessings overflowing. I received that blessed word tonight.

  4. As God says..Love the sinner and hate the sin. I didn't care too much for TD Jakes message, but I love Pastor Hagee and Matthew Hagee's preaching. God Bless this time of worship.


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