Jesus Take The Wheel: Erica Campbell Brags About Warryn's Sex Game On Instagram!

What do y'all think about Erica’s post on Instagram? Is it too much or too cute? 
 "Oop Christians know the “marriage bed is undefiled” scripture all too well. And for those of you who are unfamiliar, basically, anything goes once you’ve tied the knot."


  1. Yes, "the bed is undefiled", pure and good, and should remain "undefiled" by being "private". That`s why there is a door attached to every bed room! Certain types of physical and verbal expressions are acceptable, but TMI is always TMI ! In this age of social media , it seems like some people don't know when they are sharing too much. A cute picture showing love and affection is a good thing. Sometimes it seems like some folks are trying to proof something by discussing what should be personal and kept precious. But, that`s the world we live in today and everyone has a right to use freedom of speech. Just don't take for granted that everyone or even anyone cares about the intimate references about you and your Boo.

  2. And this is why the "THOTS" are coming for her man, simply because she put their "Private Business" out there, how old is this chick again?? Erica just opened the door for the "Groupies".

  3. Its not becoming Godliness to speak about bedroom business in public ma'am a lady.

  4. And oh so many other women he was with can make the same claims. She just looks like she trying too hard. He's a cheater... He cheats. No matter how much she rolls in the marriage bed with him... He's a cheater.


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