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UPDATE: Gospel Singer James Fortune Facing 15 Years for Almost Killing His Wife — WITH A BAR STOOL!


Lord, have mercy it's been rumored that James Fortune kids called an ambulance after dad kicked and stomped mommy pelvis and legs  and the hospital called the police after treating her injuries. This is truly horrible!

 James Fortune, Facebook Page:
Thank you to everyone for the outpouring of love and support in light of the recent news. I am truly sorry for the negative attention this situation has brought my wife, family, friends and business partners. Because it is a pending legal matter, I cannot comment on what has been reported. However, I understand the seriousness of this matter and ask that you respect the privacy of my family as we address this together.

Note: all this negative press could put a damper on the star studded birthday celebration. 
Update: James Fortune legal team speaks:

My name is Dorian Cotlar. I am a criminal defense attorney in private practice and I represent Mr. James Fortune on an allegation of domestic violence. Like many in the Houston-area, I saw a very brief news story about this situation yesterday evening on the local news. The primary "contributor" to this story is attorney Toni Jones-Stroman. Ms. Jones-Stroman's statement that she "believes" that Mrs. Fortune suffered either a broken pelvis or a broken leg is reckless and absolutely not true. Mrs. Fortune went to the hospital only briefly. I personally visited with her at my home on Sunday night. She displayed no injuries or signs of injuries whatsoever. Mrs. Fortune is also stating that her husband did not assault her. Ostensibly, Ms. Jones-Stroman practices both family and criminal law. One would hope that she would understand the presumption of innocence and not put baseless facts into the media. Although Mr. Fortune is anxious to make a public statement, I have instructed him not to do so. We are denying these allegations and this case will be aggressively defended where it is supposed to be - in a Fort Bend County Court, not in the media. Please contact me if you have any additional questions. 
Thank you. Dorian Cotlar
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  1. This is what happens when people don't hold these gospel artist accountable for their actions. As an example, churches are still going to invite him and his group to sing, his group is still going to go on tour, his radio show will not be pulled, AND worse of all his wife will return back to him AFTER she drops the charges. While all of these are hypothetical (but could be true), if you want to show James Fortune how you DONT appreciate the way he is representing Christ through his lifestyle, hit him where it hurts and that's his pocket. Dont invite him to sing, don't listen to his radio broadcast, and don't buy any new albums he might be coming out with. If you attend a concert of his, if you buy his record, if you listen to his radio show, your just as guilty as he.

    1. Let's be "Clear" Apparently something happened between Fortune and Wife otherwise why would the LAW Get Involved ??....Clearly Mr. Fortune has "Anger Management Issues and Demons Haunting Him Even To This Day".....He really need to get to the ROOT of the PROBLEM...Is it a Childhood Issue Eating Away At Him?? Who abused him and why??? It's time for Mr. Fortune to confess his faults and get help from a THERAPIST.

    2. I must say that I don't condone or support abuse of a spouse or a child, however, before we start condemning Mr. Fortune or any other saint, lets see what the Word says about a saint who has fallen. Let me introduce my first witness, Apostle Paul. Galatians 6:1-3 lets us who are spiritual know that our brother or sister has committed a trespass, we should restore them considering we could be overtaken by the same thing. When we become self-righteous we set ourselves up for a great fall. If you are Christian and you are not praying for him and attempting to get him the help he needs the best thing to do is keep your comments to a minimum. You will do more harm than good when you speak without total understanding.

  2. A barstool

    This "Punk" attacked his wife with a barstool, and all he said is that he is sorry for the negative "ATTENTION"?!?!?!
    Not the act, or his wife's condition, but the ATTENTION.

    This "Punk" is thanking people for the love and support, as if he was in car accident, or had a bad cold.

    James doesn't need support he needs HELP!

    His stepson needs SUPPORT to pay for on going surgeries.

    His wife needs SUPPORT for possible broken bones and trauma.

    And for those who decide to run with the "HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE" theology.

    I would like to believe MOST MEN don't have the "attacking my wife with a barstool" sin.

    1. Cop I agree, but I'm wondering, do he need psychological help? I'm wondering if he was ever abused or witnessed it growing up?

    2. Ann pray for this man of God's family and people will take you there.... he is still a man that can only take so much let us pray and not be messy.

    3. William Jones, I'm not being messy at all but It's amazing how some people will justify or excuse this kind of cruelty and violence.

  3. This ninja really has some deep seeded issues. He appears to be a time bomb waiting to explode.

    1. I agree we can shout all over the stage but can't seem to apply all the Glory in your private life.....just lets us know that all of us fall short and we need to apply those gospel tunes and sermons to our own lives... this is not a new case for him... but we love a good song and shout.. so carry on... JF

    2. Chris Brown has nothing on this Dude.....Just Saying.

  4. He was in an "accident" cause he is a proverbial " train wreck" ! He needs to be held accountable for his immature behavior. He knew he was stressed-out, he knew he was "vexed", & he knew his emotions were all jacked up. Yet he choose to take it out on a WOMAN, his WOMAN ! Good thing he thought twice about attacking the kids. More than likely, he would never approach a man like that , but he may get a chance to, if he`s locked up. I think men who attack women are straight -up spineless, PUNKS. For real ! ! ! Why people support these talented clowns is a shame, especially when they try to use the Christian Love factor for a reason to keep on supporting them. People that God has allowed to be exposed as a complete and utter fraud should be treated as such. Until they change their behavior and get help for their dysfunctional behavior they will have these types of violent break outs. We can love people but we should never condone/overlook bad behavior. That sets a very bad example for the younger generations and it makes us as a people look like we don't know when to exercise good judgment. Personally, I cant imagine some dude hitting me and getting away with it. Somebody is going to be carried out or left with a permanent limp/scar, cause I'm fighting back. Last person who beat my behind was my Mother!

  5. We dont know the FACTS calm down ppl everything will come out in due time.

    1. We know Mr. Fortune's wife was hurt, wounded, damaged, bruised and injured by his hands.

    2. We don't know the facts???

      What facts do you need to know were it is acceptable to beat your wife with a barstool?

  6. I tell you what, It is truly amazing what people will do.... Forgiving someone doesn't always mean that you can continue to support those people who stay in the limelight... The Grammy Award winning Gospel Singer is somewhat an oxymoron.. A performing artist that sings gospel music doesn't automatically make you a lover of God. A man who who disfigures a child for life, doesn't sound like someone who loves God. He was forgiven, then he assaulted another member of his family. Without sounding judgmental, it sounds like this man has a problem with controlling his anger...There are all kinds of problems in today's society, and church is only a small piece of society. We can't blame the church establishment, but we can direct much of the blame on the church leadership. We can't keep giving these people a pass for their evil doing. Hate the sin, and love the sinner, then remove the sinner from the office that they hold, because that type of leader is poison. Stop calling every gospel entertainers that can entertain well, anointed.. The devil can easily convince people who are not covered by His blood.

  7. Double standards, Chris brown hits someone and we hate him. A gospel singer hits someone and we quote scripture. Folks need to stop with the crazy.

  8. I have read comments on line that makes me sick to my stomach to read....these comments or from black women who are coming to the rescue of this so called religious black man simply because he "says" he is a man of God. This is what turns black men away from the church right here and what turns black me off from black women in the church, often times their own wives. Everybody is so scared to say what I just said because of the role religion plays in the black community but yea, I said it

  9. Man that birthday bash look like it's going to be jumping. Got all the big name gospel celebrities taking part.

  10. Hello. Would this breaking news help to change the story?


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