Facebook Question: Exactly How Can A Pastor Tell When He's Building His Empire, And Not God’s Kingdom?

You can find some interesting conversation on "Facebook": What exactly is meant by the fastest growing church?
"Pastor, please stop bragging about the size of your church. You may have 50,000 members who care, but of that 50,000 how many of them have TRULY been converted? If you answer none, then sit down somewhere. Your church is really  a social club.  Preaching or teaching from God’s Word is nothing to trifle with. The responsibility that goes with each is eternal. Those who minister through the Word will be held accountable and that should be very sobering for all of us". 
Thoughts anyone?


  1. The pastor may be building "HIS EMPIRE" if

    He runs the church like a business, making sure they bring in the people to increase the churches over head, and brags about it.

    The pastor has his picture on the church program, in a huge frame in the main lobby & on the front cover of his yearly written books.

    When the ministries are named after the pastor (EX: Joe Smith ministries, Joe Smith bible study, JS ministries inc.)

    If the pastors material worth and possessions seem to increase with every new member added to the church.

    If the pastor is all about "GODS KINGDOM"

    The pastor could careless how many members he has or if they decide to attend his church, as long as they come to Christ.

    The pastor doesn't concern himself in SPREADING HIS PERSONAL BRAND, or getting credit for increasing the churches size and members.

    He doesn't treat the churches property, money & people as if it's his world were he can use these as resources to pad his life with luxury, make himself into a celebrity & secure his families financial future on the backs of the congregation.

    He spends more time studying and preaching the truth on Sunday than preparing and setting up for a show.

    1. And why does the man on the bottom right have a

      "where is your daughter, cause I am a pimp" look on his face.

  2. The Art of Pimping.


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