Bishop Jakes Checks Instagram Hater Who Had The Nerve To Question His Diamond Ring!

Don't come for Bishop Jakes unless he calls for you.
According to, every preacher has his or her fair share of people waiting for him or her to slip up. And Bishop T.D. Jakes is no exception as he personally responded to a “critic” who questioned a diamond ring he wore in one of his Instagram photos. Taking to Jakes’ Instagram page, @photo_syn_the_sis, provided the following commentary, complete with scriptural references:
“I didn’t know that preachers wear diamond rings, preachers are supposed to be humble Like Jesus was and preach the real truth. You are not even close to being like Jesus, you flash your ring, but the truth is you say you know God but do you really. God wouldn’t flash Jewelry around you really need to read your Bible. Acts 2:38 everything in the Bible is the truth, people need to open their eyes and read their Bible not listen to the things you want them to hear. Their BLOOD is on you @bishopjakes The things you say is sad you teach what you think they need to hear, But do you teach on how the Hair is a women’s Glory no you teach what you want them to hear. Man, I feel sorry for you on judgment day. The Blood that is in your Hands, all these people that will burn in Hell with you and they will say WHY ??????? JOHN 8:47”

 Upon seeing what his critic/hater had to say, Jakes took it on himself to respond in kind as he checked @photo_syn_the_sis for not doing his part in delivering a thorough observation of something that he obviously has a problem with.

“@photo_syn_the_sis Only cowards throw such rocks and then block their site for comment! My Diamond ring is my wedding ring. I’ve been married longer than you’ve been alive!” Jakes stated. “The ring is not nearly as opulent as the jewels on the high priest’s vest that God designed. It had diamonds also Exodus 39:11 Incidentally, heaven is paved with gold so don’t go there either. It is people like you who have taught what they couldn’t explain. Pharisees indeed! I hope one day you will move from thinking women having uncut hair is more important that bridling your tongue. I love you nonetheless, and I pray that all that water you were baptized in would soften your heart! Don’t follow people you don’t believe are preaching the truth and you won’t have to lock your page! God bless you and Goodnight!” 

So there it is. So where do you stand on preachers wearing bling? Sound off below on whether you agree with Bishop Jakes or his Instagram critic


  1. How does asking a person about their jewelry make them a hater?

  2. What was so hateful about the comment?

  3. I say read the scriptures and decide for yourself whether or not YOU, or anyone else has a right to purchase any jewelry at all. You are being silly & petty for criticizing the Bishop for wearing his own wedding ring. Where in the Holy Bible does it say that we cant wear a diamond or gold ring? If we would all just stop being so ignorant and just fulfill our own purpose in life, we wouldn't worry about what any one has on their fingers. Remember when the Israelites left Egypt and God told them to go collect the precious jewels from the Egyptians ? All of the kings of the Bible had jewels, silver and gold. Duh ! Usually when people focus in on what popular/wealthy people are able to buy/wear or give, usually that critic is stuck in poverty and they are probably living paycheck to pay check struggling with a Utility bill/Car Insurance payments/Grocery money/Gas money/Cell phone bill, etc. Sometimes when impoverished /religious people long for the better things in life and can`t obtain them, they usually covet and become judgmental/envious, highly critical. Bishop Jakes isn't going to Hell cause he has on a diamond ring! While your sitting around judging Bishop Jakes, somebody on your job or at your church is judging you! Stop being stuck on STUPID!!! If you think saints shouldn't wear diamonds/gold/silver,that God created and deposited in the bowels of the earth then wear Cubic Zirconia and plastic rings. You think God created every precious jewel and element only for the ungodly to enjoy? As long we put God first , LOVE the Lord ,& don't Idolize our blessings & give back,we are not sinning. God knows how to prepare our us for our blessings so that we can handle the blessing. If the Lord hasn't blessed you with great increase, then maybe you couldn't handle those types of blessings without becoming proud and haughty.

    1. Wow! You must know the bishop very well. Keep calm, hopefully he will stand up for you one day, just like you just did.

    2. HAHA! Last Anonymous you nailed it! These folks are D*ck riding for these pastors.


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