There's A New Facebook Movement Under Foot Aiming To Encourage Young Women to Honor God With Their Body!

Facebook: God designed sex to be very pleasurable between a husband and a wife. His laws are not to punish us but to protect us. When we do things outside of God's will and have pre-martial sex we have to face the consequences. Abortions, Stds, single parent homes, unwanted pregnancies, heartbreaks, emotional damage, soul ties, and most importantly being separated from God. It doesn't matter how many men you've slept with or how many children you have. You can choose to live for God and honor Him with your body TODAY! Almost 3 years ago I made the choice to honor God with my body and I have no regrets! Legs closed, bibles opened! Thoughts?


  1. "He`s a keeper, Yes He is,,,,," I`m a Widow of 19 years and an Evangelist. I made a choice to Live for God after I lost my husband of 24 years ago. The Lord has been my helper and provider. Many times I felt weak and desired companionship but I asked the Lord to strengthen me and he did. It has not been easy because I`m a very young 62 year old and keep myself healthy and slim. I keep myself busy and I thank God he fixed it so I can see the enemy even if he is sitting in church. Some men approach you but they are not even qualified to have a relationship with you if they are not really living for God. So the Lord will keep us safe from the predators too. Some of the worst situations are men who approach you at church acting like they are living right, but they are ready to play mental and emotion games. I can truly say that, If you want God to keep you so the enemy cant abuse you, He will. I choose to Honor God by living a Holy Lifestyle. It can be done by daily prayer, and reading the Word of God. Stay out of situations that will compromise your testimony, and take it one day at a time. My name is VICTORY! Its just not worth it to "fall", for it ! If you "mess-up" then, "fess-up", then "get-up" and keep on living for God. I desire a mate but until then , I`ll wait on the Lord.

  2. Haha. Legs closed bible opened. No wed no bed. The respect your nakedness movement.

  3. This is an awesome way to put it


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