Pastor Jamal Bryant: When A Picture Says It All!

Pastor Jamal Bryant used the picture above, as the symbolism of other situations where black women are carrying black men, some folks didn't like it! What's your thoughts?

In my opinion, the above pic makes a very powerful statement in so many ways.  I think Pastor Jamal Bryant was using the above picture in a post this morning, as the symbolism of other situations where black women are carrying black men. I don't think he meant any harm by doing so. Of course the point he was trying to make went over some peoples head and upset some.  The above picture has sparked a lot of controversy, opinions and ideas since it's appearance online a couple of weeks ago. There are specific details as to why these women are serving as pallbearers, and who they are carrying in the casket.  According to research and comments this was a requested by the deceased.


  1. Wow.....where are our men??

  2. Wow in so many ways not only death but just the absent of a father , son, brother, an a male friend due to the lack or bondage that pledge this generation we can do better pray for the family that yoke be destroyed we break the chain but some how they link together again destroy the chain an the yoke. In Jesus Name

  3. This is good spiritual insight by Pastor Bryant!

  4. I'm sorry, but I don't get the illustration. Does it mean that black men are dead (spiritually)? Or does it mean that because they are carried by women, they are now dead? What was the point he was trying to make? Sometimes I wonder how come the church doesn't seem able to change culture. Jesus stood above culture, He was revolutionary. But now it seems like the church is subordinate to culture. We call ourselves followers of Christ, but at the same time deny His power to change our lives and future generations.

  5. These women are carrying a WOMAN as the deceased requested... Sigh. Reading is fundamental...

  6. Yes it's a woman, but the pastor used it to SYMBOLIZE women carrying MEN.

  7. I think this is powerful. Women can do man jobs. I want this.


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