Lord Have Mercy: Pastor Deitrick Haddon Explains Why He Got Drunk In Strip Clubs and Impregnated His Girlfriend!

Oh my God Deitrick will you please stop talking. Deitrick Haddon, gospel singer-songwriter, music producer, and pastor, reckons that the lows he went through after separating from his first wife, Damita, helped him come up with the idea for Oxygen networks’ reality TV show “Preachers of L.A.”

 In a recent interview, Haddon admits that he was on a “war against God” and he would do anything other than what he should be doing, because he felt neglected and betrayed by the people who were supposed to be there for his support. He adds that he did things that were incompatible with his character, such as going to strip clubs, drinking alcohol and impregnating his new girlfriend.


  1. Unfortunately this guy is a straight up fool smh

    1. I agree, he has no discipline and Christianity gives him an out ( ask Jesus for forgiveness ) when you do dumb sh*t. Also holly rollers don't believe in holding these fraudulent pimps accountable, they prefer to make excusses for them ( dont mess with gods anointed )

  2. This is what we get when we elevate talent over character.

  3. Cop has issues.

    The more Detrick talks, the more I get concerned about his mental state and foolish behavior.

    So after Zackery Tim dies following a conversation that may have been Tim's reaching out for help. Detrick decides to CREATE A REALITY T. V. SHOW ???


    check this out

    Being an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of the show (which means he is getting paid), Haddon says "HE DELIGHTS" in these confrontations and "OFTEN EGGS" the other preachers on. After all, "ITS GOOD FOR VIEWER RATINGS" and the show is not meant to portray these preachers as being perfect individuals, said Haddon.


    What kind of PASTOR takes DELIGHT in the types of confrontations they go through on Preachers of LA?

    He ADMITS to EGGING ON the other pastors. (I am no Bible expert, but I am sure that's evil)

    And to top it all off. He doesn't do it to
    Show the human side of pastors,
    Spread the gospel,
    Give people hope in our almighty savior

    He does it for VIEWER RATINGS.

    Observing foolish behavior
    Anger when confronted with his own issues
    And more concern with viewer ratings than the cause for Christ.

    Not only do I question his mindset
    I question if he is even a true follower of Christ.

  4. The saints started treading into dangerous waters when we started allowing entertainers to pass as pastors. Gospel singers are entertainers, point blank! Stop looking to them to provide anything more than a soul stirring musical selection...and most can't even do that these days.

    1. Let the church say amen... They're double dipping... They weren't satisfied with being entertainers... They want the power of preaching...

  5. He was "Backslidden", that`s why he messed up. You don't " Backslide " overnight, so it was a slow process for him that finally came out in the open. God didn't move, he moved away from the Lord and found himself in the Devil`s territory acting a fool. He was in the wrong place doing the wrong thing , because of his bad "character". How in the world does the and his current wife think that their marriage will last? There`s no way his current marriage will last because God wasn't in what he did. He should have just stayed single and waited on God to deliver him. Now he seems to be in a "Hot-Mess". He isn't qualified to Pastor anyone ! He needs to be under a Pastor. We wonder why the world mocks the "church". This type of foolishness and lascivious behavior is one reason why. Why are we so full of duplicity? ( Lord God, please help us to be a Holy People, In Jesus name, Amen ).


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