Lord Have Mercy Gospel Singer Carman Has "RESPONDED TO THE JOEL OSTEEN ISSUE" And Got His Butt Handed To Him On A Platter.

This past week, Gospel Singer Carman found out the hard way that Christians might can't judge a man's heart but we sure can judge his fruits.  Gospel great Carman Licciardello took to his Facebook page to say he had no idea there was such intense feeling toward Joel Osteen from the Body of Christ.   Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen have seen a spike in criticism as of late, so  gospel music star Carman felt compelled to come to their defense.   Carman released a statement on his Facebook page in defense of the Osteen and after hundreds of negative comments criticizing his defense of the Osteens, he released a follow up statement, elaborating on why he feels it’s important for the body of Christ to ease up on them.

Love you Carmen and your work, I have for many years. I guess we differ on this.  I don't believe Joel Osteen preaches the Gospel. There is no evidence of that at all.


  1. Why are people not liking Joel Osteen? His minsitry reminds you of God's promises and love. Positive but not the only outlet for the word one should have. It serves a purpose. That's his ministry. I'm so sick of the religious community lately. Just not enough christ ...all world.

  2. I'm standing with the Osteens!

  3. I can't even understand why so called Christians keep speaking negative about a man who is just trying to love on everyone and bring people to Jesus. This is why he has the largest church, because people are so sick of those holier than thou, money hungry preachers looking down on others. Get over yourselves. If you truly were of god, you would be supporting him and loving him. After all one of the commandments asked us to love each other.


  4. You don't have to be a Christian to be nice, non judgmental and never speaking negative.

    However if you do call yourself a Christian you do need to address

    Christ dying on the cross FOR OUR SINS

    Jesus being THE ONLY WAY TO GOD

    And rightly Discerning peoples actions

    Joel never talks about any of these subjects.
    Because according to him he doesn't like to focus on the negative. (I assume he doesn't do funerals)

    So rather than speaking the WHOLE GOSPEL. Joel preaches half of the gospel, minus (what he views as)the negative parts.

    And half of the Gospel is no Gospel at all AND people are calling him out.
    As Christians should.

    1. That's right. A pastor can't tip toe around the Bible, preaching only feel good messages. That's the problem today in the church, I asked a friend when was the last time he heard or was taught on Revelation at his church. He stuttered & hesitated, but never really answered. We need all of the message. From Genesis to Revelation. Otherwise Passa you aren't doing your job. Whether it's a "smiling " pastor,.or a "passionate " preacher saying all the right stuff with a "Powerful" message is not enough, at the end of the day, I wanna know what's gonna happen to me if I don't obey God's word. But I have to blame it on the people though, don't let a person tell you anything, without doing your own research. I read for myself, I hv a personal relationship with God, the Heavenly Father. I don't trust preacher man, his God may not be my God..Just because he shouts God, means nothing, "God" is a title and there are many gods. And I stay outta his den of filth every Sunday too.. Church has become a joke.


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