Lord Have Mercy Folks Are Saying Maybe Pastor Joel Osteen Should Think About Opening Up That Bible of His A Little More!

Jesus fix it! Pastor Joel Osteen got into a little bit of trouble the other day with his paraphrasing on his Facebook page. We all know one of Pastor Joel Osteen biggest appeal to the secular world is the fact that he doesn't  use his Bible very much when he preaches and thus, gets a lot of criticism from the Christian Community for it. He might want to take a second look at it, though, since a recent Facebook post hinted that he doesn't know his own biblical history:

 Folks on his Facebook page are pointing out that Moses, in fact, did not see God “stop the sun for Joshua” (Joshua 10:1-15) or keep the 3 hebrew boys safe in a fiery furnace (Daniel 3:19-25). Moses was dead when all of that supposedly happened. The post has now been removed!


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  2. Joel Osteen has NEVER studied the Bible.
    Which is why in every interview when he gets what SHOULD BE easy questions that most Children's Sunday schoolers can answer.

    Joel gets stuck pausing,
    Saying he's not sure,
    doesn't focus on that subject,
    And a barrel full of I DONT KNOWS.

    You won't catch Osteen doing a BIBLE STUDY or a verse by verse reading of scripture.
    But you will hear a whole lot of his stories about people he knows and met while using the Bible as a "BACK UP" to HIS STORIES.

    1. Nice. Joel Osteen shows his lack of knowledge. What's worse is the number of blind sheep who follow.

  3. Terrible... him mixing up the timeline really messes things up eh. I mean his message of "nothing is impossible with God" is now totally obsolete due to this historical mistake! Yeah... some editors have too much time on their hands. Joel... get with the program pls so these guys have "real issues" to deal with ok:-)

  4. Oh man! He messed up the timeline??? Someone better call Mark Driscoll !!

  5. This is ridiculous. I may not agree with Joel's philosophy or Theology, but honestly do you think he made a mistake or was he taking "a story" from the Bible and then making it part of the "larger story" for those listening to him. I read the article and could easily see what he was trying to say. Besides, even if he did make a mistake, who hasn't. I would guess that 100% of the pastors preaching today has made a mistake while teaching. Lets let our love be the difference that people notice not arguments.

  6. Everybody know's Moses was dead when God stopped the sun for Joshua.

  7. Give the man a break! 90% of preachers will tell you it's impossible to please people and accurately convey God's Truth at the same time. Oh ... wait a minute....

    1. Seriously V Williams, it's scary how many people love Joel Osteen. And how many are willing to defend him, even when he (and especially his wife the other week) say things that are unbiblical and can't be backed up by scripture. When I see how many people reply "Amen!" to that post, It's like they are dumbed down, clueless, not paying attention. That is the kind of teaching Osteen gives. Dumbed down messages that are only to make listeners feel good, without any honesty. No negative, doubtful thoughts allowed! It has to be all happy, lovely dovey, motivational warms your heart nonsense.

  8. Everyone knows that someone of Osteen's stature doesn't post to his page himself. He needs to let that person go or have someone with biblical knowledge vet what is posted on his fan page to avoid episodes like this.

    1. I don't know why this surprises people. We are talking about a man that has no formal seminary education (not that you have to have it put for some it is a must) and was just given a pastoral position because his dad was the pastor of the church. Do you know what his job was at the church before he was the pastor? He helped run a camera. It is hilarious to me people follow this guy. If you do believe in Jesus shouldn't you follow someone that knows his teachings intimately? Joel has risen to his power because he tells you want you want to hear. You don't have to have formal education to be a pastor but seeking it shows that you are teachable yourself and helps keep you on the straight and narrow.

  9. If this was just a one time mistake on a scripture, I could understand better. But lets look at Joel Osteen's body if work.

    Doesn't believe Jesus is the ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN.

    Thanks MORMONS are another denomination of Christianity.

    He won't talk about SIN OR HELL, the very REASON Christ Died on the cross

    The same Cross he won't hang in his church because it might offend some people.

    Maybe my standards are high but I would expect a pastor of the largest and fastest growing church in North America
    who is leading thousands of people to God & Christ, and who's ONLY JOB is to study the Bible and preach what it says to be considerably more knowledgeable of scripture than your average junior high school Bible study student.

  10. Anyone with common sense know Joel doesn't post these statuses himself. Ann Brock and crew never cease to amaze me.

    1. You never let me down either, you always show up like clockwork with nothing.

    2. Anonymous anyone with any sense at all, not even common sense here, knows that Joel Osteen is still responsible, legally responsible,and accountable, for any thing and every thing that has his name on it.

    3. http://www.christianpost.com/news/joel-osteen-confuses-old-testament-history-ministry-facebook-page-suggests-moses-outlived-joshua-knew-of-daniel-126719/

  11. If it's true that Joel didn't post the error, it's even MORE of a issue.

    So someone on Joel's staff has free rain to post on Osteen's Facebook page WITHOUT DOUBLE CHECKING SCRIPTURE, TIME LINE and REFERENCE?

    So Joel AND at least one person on his staff posting with the Osteen name don't know the Bible well.

    I am equally AMAZED at 300 thousand people would assume, rather than check the Bible for truth.

    And I would want to ask those that choose to brush it off as a SLIGHT over sight.

    Would YOU have corrected him in this error?

    Why is it wrong for others to point out The mistake?


    Do YOU EVER CHECK what a pastor says, teaches or post line with the Bible?

    1. That happens all the time with large ministries with Twitter a Facebook posts. You can't hire just anyone to do it and someone has to check but we all know it won't be Osteen or any other mega church leader. That is why ALL leaders must surround themselves with people who know the Bible. Although Osteen was singled out, this is nothing new for any of the preachers using social media as part of their outreach.

  12. Apostle Of The InternetSunday, 21 September, 2014

    The fact that 317,000 people liked and 52,000+ shared (and over 1000 people typed "amen" to this nonsense is scary. It means that a lot of Christians in this world are truly not reading the scriptures, are easily manipulated, and easily deceived because they don't read them.

    These are simple "baby" scriptures that are constantly told in the pulpit, especially the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (the three guys in the burning furnace). So for him who is supposed to be an "experienced pastor" to get these two totally different events mixed up should tell you something. People make mistakes, but this is something I would expect from a babe in the Lord, not someone who is pastoring a flock of over 40,000 people with 8+ million followers on Facebook.

    This guy is nothing but a wolf in sheep's clothing and the masses are just eating it up. Read the scriptures people, it will speak for itself. Satan can quote scripture too, but he can't live by it.


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