Jesus Take The Wheel: Another Church Scandal!!

Lord, have mercy according to Thaddeus Matthews Facebook page, a senior pastor of a church in Memphis, TN has misled members of its congregation into thinking that they are COGIC when in reality they are not. 

Mr. Matthews states he got  the documents that will prove that they are members of the church of the Nazarene, where $275,000 was borrowed. And if the members didn't already know the church filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy on Apr 4, 2012. And while the church files for bankruptcy the pastor gets wife a Porsche.

My question why did the pastor change the name of the church? 
I don't get it! 


  1. According to the church website they are COGIC. How he could change the name without the members knowing it I don't have a clue.

  2. This is what could happen when you give the pastor absolute power over the church. He can change the name, my himself a million dollar home and in some cases actually SALE the church, keeping the money for his bank account.

    If the pastor is paid to preach and teach, let him do JUST THAT.
    Don't let him collect money for the building fund.
    Don't let him council the young Teenage girls (or boys) IN HIS OFFICE ALONE.
    Don't give him unadulterated access to the church bank account.
    And don't let him hire and fire whom he pleases.

    Because when he steps down from the pulpit Sunday morning he is just as human as everyone else. Prone to sinful thoughts and actions that we all fight.

    In a word. It's called ACCOUNTABILITY.

  3. @ Cop,
    I normally agree with what you say... but this one I can't... pastors aren't just hired to teach and preach... they're hired to pastor... in that pastoral description are: raising money for ministry, counseling all who are distressed, knowing where the finances are being used, and setting up staff that would further the vision of the church...While some pastors take advantage of their responsibilities, you can't say that's the norm for all pastors...

    1. Thanks Rev. Kareem A
      Your right.

      I may have over reacted with such a hard line. (That two edge sword cuts hard. OUCH)

      If a pastor is going to have that type of authority, they should have some over site, and safe measures to prevent these pastors from treating the church like a game of monopoly.

  4. So, the church filed bankruptcy and didn't tell its members?

  5. I've been to this church. But, I no longer 'do church' for situations such as this. How can this lying man lead folks anywhere and he is living a lie? How can he tell us that we can be delivered and he isn't delivered. How can anyone follow someone who is lost? How can he get us to 'Heaven' and he is lost himself? Someone better pull out a GPS for all of you. And the fact that his wife allows herself to be put at risk because he refuses to acknowledge he is gay, why would he buy condoms? Black churches are always trying to cover up wrongdoing whether it be molestation or a closeted gay pastor. I'm done with the church!

  6. After reading some of the comments over there, I don't understand why the church folks are upset with Thaddeus Matthews but not upset with the PREACHER who is not only using church funds for his own personal sexual desires, he's also LYING telling them they are COGIC and they are not!!!! Be for real people don't get mad@the messenger be mad @the Pastor that's delivering the untrue message.

  7. There is NOTHING hidden that won't be revealed!!! What's done in the dark... Will always come to light!

  8. How in the world did he convince a whole church that they are part of COGIC when they are not? How did he do it?

  9. Somebody help me! I don't understand folks who think it doesn't matter how the pastor spend the Church money. They say it's between the pastor and God after it leaves their hands. So many folks are taught it's not their right to see a Financial statement. That's not true nor is it common sense. If it doesn't matter what he does with the money, then go give the money to a dope head who you know isn't going to have the ability to be a good steward. Or better yet, just flush the money down the toilet because in reality that's what you doing after-all. And the idea that this pastor got the church thinking that they are apart of an organization and they are not being out of this world. I wonder what Bishop Blake got to say about this mess.


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