Jesus Fix It: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!

Lord have mercy, this supposed to be an "elevation service" look how he's standing in that man's stomach. A Picture can speak thousands of words. Random pictures of insignificant moments always been the most important and most valuable.

I suppose this is another man-made ordination invention.. A way to "transfer" or "impart" anointing. Of course, you won't find this stuff in Scripture. Again fam, the anointing IS the Holy Spirit and no man can "transfer" nor "impart" it into you. The Holy Spirit is given to a believer by God Himself. So this dude laying down is being punked and deceived simultaneously.


  1. I am confused.

    Is this an Ordination service, or did the pastor just catch somebody robbing the church?

  2. Not again? Dip in a dirty river to be healed! Jesus spits in the ground,mixes it with dirt and eyes open! Raise up lazurus after 3 days and he stinks,then tells church ppl u loose him! Now we have somebody standing on somebody's stomach,transferring the anointing? I need a vacation! Lol


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