Chiefs Player Husain Abdullah Gets Penalized After Kneeling In Muslim Prayer!

Punished for praying after a touchdown... RIGHT or WRONG? My Facebook timeline is in somewhat of a buzz this morning. Husain Abdullah‬ of the Kansas City ‪Chiefs‬ was flagged 15 yards during last night game, after kneeling in the end zone in Muslim‬ prayer after scoring a touchdown off an interception of Tom Brady. Folks are crying foul and asking: Didn't Tim Tebow routinely go down on his knee and pray after scoring a touchdown? I don't recall him ever getting penalized for that. Thoughts?


  1. I never seen a flag thrown at Tim Tebow for his praying.

    1. Penalize both or don't penalize either. The hypocrisy of American equality.

  2. You know that the NFL is now backtracking?

  3. Amazing. Punished for faith.

  4. the NFL is now a big circus with all of its penalties... you can't even watch the game for 5 minutes straight without flags being thrown...

    so you could spike the ball and celebrate, but you can't bow down and pray... and yes, Tebow did kneel and pray after every score... throughout his college and nfl years...

    1. In some of the countries I have lived you could be arrested or deported back to your country for praying to JESUS inside your house! Even recently 20 people including women and children were arrested for praying inside one of their houses! None of the American Christians have any problem about that or raised any voice for their own Christian brethren!

      But when someone wants to showoff in front of crowds and gets punished ! Look at the uproar created by people even pastors! ;-) Please read John 16:2,3; I John 4:2,3 Do you know about whom it is being said?). I wonder what Americans will do if the people whom they are supporting start their upperhand and do what they are doing around the world! If only Americans could give this much respect to our Lord Jesus Christ!

  5. Tim Tebow - OK
    Sorority signing - OK
    Twerking - OK

    Praying to Allah - YOU GET FINED.

    So which religions are allowed in the NFL?

  6. The NFL change the rules on how player conduct themselves in the end zone and on the football field for 2014. No more excessive celebration, no taunting, or trash talking (foul language) your opponent. No spiking the football over the goal post. This is just a few of the new rule change. The player have first hand knowledge about the new rule change. Some player made it known to the press that they will continue to celebrate regardless of the penalty or fine.


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