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Former Wife Of Bishop Convicted Of Rapes Speaks Out!

He was the charismatic preacher; she was the supportive wife. Together, Terry and Renee Hornbuckle built a successful mega church in Arlington with more than 2,000 members. They owned a beautiful home and drove luxury cars. But, in January 2005, it all began to fall apart.

Very interesting read: There had been rumors for years at the church that Hornbuckle was sleeping with female members of his congregation, and many speculated his wife knew. She, Hornbuckle insists she didn't know because she was isolated.

Jesus Fix It: When A Picture Says More Than We Want It To???

Facebook comment: I wish you wouldn't have posted this. I see you different now. Thoughts?

Fantasia Where In The World Is Your Publicist?

Lord, have mercy Fantasia stop addressing the folks on the sideline of your life, who is watching your life, as if you owe them an explanation. YOU DON'T! Stop speaking about your relationships, period.  If you like, I love it.  That's all that's matters.  It's your life and YOU got to live're the only one who has to give an account for your life on judgment day.

Under an Instagram photo posted over the weekend, Fantasia defended her friend while praising him and his presence in her life at the same time:

“YOU!!! & My Kids are the best… My kids are the Happiest I’ve Ever Seen.. 13 years of Doing it All Alone with Zion NOT BY CHOICE.. I have a Son who’s Father is Great!! He is an Amazing Dad and THAT I can’t take AWAY from Him.. Thanks Cook [hand clap emoji].”
 The singer wrote the above while admitting that Taylor’s past did not affect her feelings for him at all:

“LORD….. This man Past is why I fell for him. (He’s Just Like Me) I sit and watch a …

Chiefs Player Husain Abdullah Gets Penalized After Kneeling In Muslim Prayer!

Punished for praying after a touchdown... RIGHT or WRONG? My Facebook timeline is in somewhat of a buzz this morning. Husain Abdullah‬ of the Kansas City ‪Chiefs‬ was flagged 15 yards during last night game, after kneeling in the end zone in Muslim‬ prayer after scoring a touchdown off an interception of Tom Brady. Folks are crying foul and asking: Didn't Tim Tebow routinely go down on his knee and pray after scoring a touchdown? I don't recall him ever getting penalized for that. Thoughts?

Mt. Calvary WORD Of FAITH Presents Shirley Caesar's Birthday & Pastoral Celebration!


Pastor Jamal Bryant: When A Picture Says It All!

Pastor Jamal Bryant used the picture above, as the symbolism of other situations where black women are carrying black men, some folks didn't like it! What's your thoughts?

In my opinion, the above pic makes a very powerful statement in so many ways.  I think Pastor Jamal Bryant was using the above picture in a post this morning, as the symbolism of other situations where black women are carrying black men. I don't think he meant any harm by doing so. Of course the point he was trying to make went over some peoples head and upset some.  The above picture has sparked a lot of controversy, opinions and ideas since it's appearance online a couple of weeks ago. There are specific details as to why these women are serving as pallbearers, and who they are carrying in the casket.  According to research and comments this was a requested by the deceased.

Pastor Chuck Smith Family In Fight Over Calvary Chapel!

A family fight over control of an Orange County megachurch after the death of the founder heads to the courts. The family of Pastor Chuck Smith is embroiled in a legal battle over control his Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa megachurch.

His daughter has filed suit alleging elder abuse and neglect when Smith died. Pastor Chuck Smith died nearly a year ago. He was married to his wife Kay for 65 years. They grew their congregation from 25 people to 1,400 churches worldwide.

Lord Have Mercy, Gladys Knight Uses Her (Gift) Voice To Evangelize For The Mormon Church!

Sister Knight is on a mission to break down some of the misconceptions about the Mormon Church. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has an intriguing evangelism tool in Gladys Knight,  the legendary Grammy Award-winning soulful female vocalist.

 “Sister Knight,” as she is affectionately called by members of the church, has traveled around the country for the past 12 years with the 100-voice Saints Unified Voices choir, which she created and directs, sharing the Gospel in song during what the church calls “firesides.” Rest Here!

Deitrick Haddon's Record Label RCA Inspiration Has Dropped Him!

According to rumors,Deitrick Haddon’s record label RCA Inspiration has decided to part ways with the Preachers of L.A. star. Haddon had been signed to the label for 12 years and had a string of successful albums.

However Haddon’s latest album “R.E.D. (Restoring Everything Damaged)” was released on Sept. 3, 2013, just a few months shy of hisbeen embroiled in a damaging media scandal in which he made unfounded accusations about his ex-wife Damita Haddon and another Gospel singer on social media.

Haddon’s online stunt backfired and only intensified previous backlash he had received for having a child out of wedlock that he had not publicly revealed. Despite “Preachers of LA” being on its second season and boosting his profile, Haddon’s album, “R.E.D. (Restoring Everything Damaged)” was not a success.

 A record label source, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, said Haddon’s “antics on the reality show were turning off fans and radio stations were not playing his music.”With all …

Hands Up! Michael Brown's Family Is Coming To Empowerment Temple Church!

If you are in the Baltimore, MD area tomorrow and has lost a family member to violence or serious about Social Justice. Then you're invited to join Pastor Jamal Bryant, along with the Michael Brown family at Empowerment Temple.

Tasha Cobbs Live Recording!

Rumor has it that Tasha Cobbs enjoyed the atmosphere atRedemption Church in Greenville, SC, so much that she wanted to make her live recording there.

Kem Please Stop With The Praise Break!?!?!?

I love how R&B artist Kem just stops in the middle of his concert, to give his testimony of how God brought him out and through some hard times.  But, of course, everyone is not in agreement with me here. Some concert goers are saying if they wanted a gospel concert they would have paid for it.
Facebook: Kneesee Buchanan, I'll pass on it. If he is going to sing a song of praise I'd rather it be at a gospel show. I don't pay for a gospel performance.   Kem says people tell him not to ever talk religion, but he takes a praise break on stage anyway.  The vocal veteran performed an array of his classics and new music off his disc “Promise to Love: Album IV” at the HelloBeautiful’s InterludesLIVE concert in Atlanta. From “Share My Life” to his new single “It’s You,” Kem left everyone in the building calling it an “absolutely phenomenal concert.”Thoughts Anyone?

Does God Approve Of Interracial Marriage?

The below clip on my timeline of Pastor Donny Reagan of Tennessee, Happy Valley Church Of Jesus Christ, preaching against interracial marriage, has taken on a life of its own.  In my humble opinion, this is one of the greatest demonstrations of religious ignorance on display I've ever seen. He's an abomination.

According to Scripture, when it comes to marriage, God is not into racial segregation but spiritual segregation. God cares about the spirit man.  In other words, if you are a Christian and want to marry another Christian, God don't have a problem with that. It's not the color of the other person's skin, but the condition of their heart. Also in my opinion, this guy is not and shouldn't be a representative, of white people. He is, however, representative of ignorance, hatred, and absolute confusion.

The Votes Or In, We've Decided To Keep Our Embezzling Pastor, Even Though He Has Violated Our Trust.

A church in Oklahoma has voted to give its pastor a second chance after the pastor embezzled almost $1 million from church funds. Reverend William Jones of Greater Cornerstone Baptist Church was charged with wire fraud and filing a false tax return; still the majority of the congregation says Jones should stay in the pulpit.

According to the Christian Post, Jones took money from the Greater Cornerstone Community Center, a project that the church supported, “to fund his lavish lifestyle.” Jones also failed to report $400,000 in salary in 2011.

South African Preacher Lesego Daniel Convince His Followers To Drink Gasoline Under The Guise Of A Miracle!

Lord have mercy, Pastor Lesego Daniel of Rabboni Centre Ministries is at it again. He made headlines around the world when he ordered the followers in his church to graze like cattle to prove that humans can eat anything provided by God. It left many followers vomiting and with tummy pains. Now he claims that drinking petrol is as tasty as drinking pineapple juice. The charismatic preacher now encourages people to consume fuel and he has them clamoring for it. I guess he'll stop when someone dies.

There's A New Facebook Movement Under Foot Aiming To Encourage Young Women to Honor God With Their Body!

Facebook:God designed sex to be very pleasurable between a husband and a wife. His laws are not to punish us but to protect us. When we do things outside of God's will and have pre-martial sex we have to face the consequences. Abortions, Stds, single parent homes, unwanted pregnancies, heartbreaks, emotional damage, soul ties, and most importantly being separated from God. It doesn't matter how many men you've slept with or how many children you have. You can choose to live for God and honor Him with your body TODAY! Almost 3 years ago I made the choice to honor God with my body and I have no regrets! Legs closed, bibles opened! Thoughts?

Lord Have Mercy: Why Is Pastor Shirley Caesar Asking For Donation To Help Pay Off Mt. Calvary?

Go ahead Pastor Shirley and make that announcement. Scripture says we have not because we ask not. It also lets us know, no one goes to war alone or by their own strength alone. 

My Facebook timeline is in somewhat of, an uproar this morning.  For reason unknown to us lurkers, Pastor Shirley Caesar and her team, has uploaded a video to her Facebook page asking for a donation to help pay off Mt. Calvary church. And by helping to wipe this outstanding debt out, could possible help take the burden off of her.

Lord Have Mercy, Pastor Alleges He Lost Job Over Conservative Religious Beliefs.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting, Dr. Eric Wash a Seventh Day Adventist Preacher, is saying the Public Health, Department of Georgia  has rescinded a job offer once it learned of his religious beliefs. According to Walsh, the health department offered him a job as a director of a North Georgia region, sending him a welcoming letter and all, then took the offer back. All because of recorded sermons online in which he said homosexuality is a sin and evolution is a “religion created by Satan.” Walsh has now filed a complaint Tuesday with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Atlanta.

In this day and age, keeping extremist views to yourself is best. Employers can easily use social media forums and platforms to determine the character of a job candidate.  From my understanding, the position that he would have served in demands that it should be someone who could make decisions that could be acceptable to a wide range of the public.

Oxygen Greenlights ‘Preachers of Detroit,’ Four More Reality Series Under Rebrand!

According to Elev8, Oxygen is expanding the network’s popular franchise and heading to Motown for Preachers of Detroit, set to premiere winter 2015. The series will also focus on powerful themes of faith, family and friendship as these seven men and women of the cloth share their lives, transformations and triumphs in and out of the pulpit in Detroit, Michigan. The prominent pastors include:

Bishop Charles Ellis
Pastor David Bullock 
Evangelist Dorinda Clark-Cole

Pastor Don Shelby 
Bishop Corletta Vaughn
Bishop-Elect Clarence Langston
Pastor Tim Alden

Church Announcement: R.I.P Comedian Marcel Adams!

Gospel Recording artist and comedian Marcel Adams died today. I didn't know Marcel Adams as others did, but from all of the posts that have gone viral today. It shows that he had a sweet spirit that could make anyone smile. 

I offer my sincere condolences to the Marcel Adams family. I thoroughly enjoyed his videos. I'll be praying for all that were affected. I pray that he was ready and was able to hear those words, "Well done thou good and faithful servant".

Jesus Take The Wheel: Marvin Sapp Want Thristy Women To Stop Showing Up At His Home!

According to Elev8, Pastor Marvin Sapp, took to his Facebook account and made an honest, heartfelt plea to those thirsty women showing up at his home. What's wrong with people?

Fix It Jesus: Deion Sanders Prays In An Unknown Tongue Before Dangerous Leap On National TV!

Lord have mercy, NFL legend and current TV personality Deion Sanders participated in the new show “Running Wild With Bear Grylls”, where the show host takes celebrities on trips through the wilderness with him.

How many of us have been watching a tele-evangelist on TV, then all of a sudden they burst into an unrecognizable language, that causes you to look confused?  According to social media, in the show's finale, something odd happened with Deion Sanders, who admitted, hadn't been camping before, let alone had to survive in the wild. Deion, started speaking in an unknown tongue as he scaled a rock with Grylls. Folks on social media are asking was that for real or was it for the show? Is it biblical to speak in tongues? The debate rages on, speaking in tongues has been vigorously debated during the past century.

 I am told by the folks who subscribe to speaking in tongues, that it is a gift of the Holy Spirit and that's what is being uttered is actually sometimes recogni…

COGIC Is Being Called To A 40 Day Consecration!

Please join us in a 40 day consecration fast as the church of God In Christ approaches Holy Convocation 107th, October 3 - November 11!

Bishop TD Jakes Plans To Sue Jeezy Over “Holy Ghost (remix)” Using His Vocals!

According to Fio Borrelli a Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer, Bishop Jakes plans to sue Jezzy for using his vocals without his permission.

Good News: Pastor Johnnie Clark Has Been Released From Jail.

Pastor Johnnie Clark the pastor who was sentenced to two weeks in jail after  neighbors complained about his church's loud services was released from jail early Sunday morning after serving nine days. Source:

Breaking News: California Convention Expels ‘Third Way’ Church!

According to The Baptist Standard Facebook, the California Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Board voted to withdraw fellowship from a church whose pastor says he believes homosexual acts are not always sinful. Danny Cortez, pastor of New Heart Community Church in La Mirada, Calif.,   son Drew came out publicly as gay and his father supported him. The church voted to become a “Third Way” church, agreeing to disagree on homosexuality without casting judgment on those holding another view.

Pastor Takes The Law Into His Own Hand!

What do y'all think? I don't see nothing wrong with what he did.  He didn't harm the grandmother, I wish other people handled things in this way too.
The Texas preacher Benny Holmes was fed up with having packages stolen from his side porch. So he put two fake deliveries out and sat watch with his handgun. When the thief, a grandmother pulled up and habitually went for his packages, Holmes forced her to the ground and waited for the authorities.  He’s a man of God, but that didn’t stop him from taking the law into his own hand. Source:

Jesus Take The Wheel: Another Church Scandal!!

Lord, have mercy according to Thaddeus Matthews Facebook page, a senior pastor of a church in Memphis, TN has misled members of its congregation into thinking that they are COGIC when in reality they are not. 

Mr. Matthews states he got  the documents that will prove that they are members of the church of the Nazarene, where $275,000 was borrowed. And if the members didn't already know the church filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy on Apr 4, 2012. And while the church files for bankruptcy the pastor gets wife a Porsche.

My question why did the pastor change the name of the church? 
I don't get it! 

Jesus Fix It: Meagan Good Not To Happy About Nude Photos Being Leak!

Pastor, Devon Franklin, wife Meagan Good can now add her name to the list of celebs who have had their personal photos hacked and plastered all over the Internet. Source: 

Is Erica Campbell A Prophetess?

Erica Campbell had posted the following to her Facebook yesterday:  Much gratitude to Love and Grace Christian Fellowship Church in Lancaster, CA for giving me the opportunity to minister! Very humbled! Very honored! God did something new in me and for me today. So the question on social media is one asked by a lot of new Christians, when exactly did she know that she had the gift of prophecy? How can one discover their own spiritual gifts?  The gift of prophecy is one of seven motivational gifts identified by God’s Word in Romans 12:6-8. I love what Pastor Charles Stanley had to say about Spiritual Gifts:

Satanic Group Wants The Same Religious Freedom!

Lord we got to be careful about what we ask for. Last month in Orange County, Florida, a judge ruled that religious pamphlets could be handed out in a local school district in the area. It seems the Satanic Temple has then decided to get in on this offer to hand out their religious materials to school children by making some pamphlets of their own. What y'all think about that?  Do you think schools should allow bibles and other Christian materials to be distributed to students? What about Korans and Torahs? Now, what about bibles of satanic worship? 

Satanic Group Responds to Religious Freedom Court Ruling in Perfect Way 

Church Announcement: Let's Celebrate The 14th Pastoral Anniversary Of Pastor Jamal-Harrison Bryant!


Lord Have Mercy Folks Are Saying Maybe Pastor Joel Osteen Should Think About Opening Up That Bible of His A Little More!

Jesus fix it! Pastor Joel Osteen got into a little bit of trouble the other day with his paraphrasing on his Facebook page. We all know one of Pastor Joel Osteen biggest appeal to the secular world is the fact that he doesn't  use his Bible very much when he preaches and thus, gets a lot of criticism from the Christian Community for it. He might want to take a second look at it, though, since a recent Facebook post hinted that he doesn't know his own biblical history:

 Folks on his Facebook page are pointing out that Moses, in fact, did not see God “stop the sun for Joshua” (Joshua 10:1-15) or keep the 3 hebrew boys safe in a fiery furnace (Daniel 3:19-25). Moses was dead when all of that supposedly happened. The post has now been removed!

Church Announcement: J. Drew Sheard Ministries Present "PENTECOSTAL EXPLOSION" Working The Vision.

I'm not saying anything wrong with this idea, but I do find it to be interesting that, Bishop Blake, is now allowing the "Denomination's General Board, Bishops" to personal brand their name.  Personal brand is all about who you are and what you want to be known for.  Detroit’s Bishop J. Drew Sheard, who some say is the youngest member elected to the denomination's General Board, last year, has now got his own personal ministry (J. Drew Sheard Ministries) named after himself.  One of the good and the positive signs of the COGIC’s old guard transitioning out is that the newer and fresher bishops seem more willing to break out of the box and try something different.

Church Announcement: When A Picture Says It All!

The old adage "A picture is worth a thousand words" refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image. It also aptly characterizes one of the main goals of visualization, namely making it possible to absorb large amounts of data quickly.

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