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Was Dr. Corletta J. Vaughn Presiding Bishop And FRIEND Of Pastor Allyson Abrams Correct In Her Assessment?

Allyson Abrams made news for being an openly gay bishop in the black church. She has since pushed very hard to make her case to the black community regarding why she feels that people like herself are often ostracized and mistreated by members of the church. She says that while churches appear to be open and affirming, they actually are not. Source:

Dr. Corletta J. Vaughn Presiding Bishop and FRIEND of Allyson Abrams answers her friend and colleague as to why the Black Church will never affirm her lifestyle:

 Allyson Abrams will NEVER get the support of the overall Christian church to support her lesbianism. She will get the support or the Church when she repents and seeks to return to her origins of biblical holiness. We LOVE her, and the Church of Jesus Christ has forgiven her, but we don't AGREE with her decision. Bishop Abrams and I have spoken personally, so what I say here is not a secret. When you made the decision to engage in this type of love, you made the decision to cut yourself off from the center truth of Christianity. Why would you expect to get support? Although you are free to do what you have done, we are free not to support this lifestyle, and still love YOU. My question to her and her companion is why does it matter that the Church doesn't support you? Why would you now be on the campaign trail to force the church to change for you and your relationship? Why make the Church and the Bible conform to you? Would we do that for anyother behavior that we believe the Word of God is against? Certainly not! Continuing to pray for both of these women and others who are struggling with this behavior. Jesus Saves.. and He DELIVERS us from all of our iniquities. WOW!
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  1. Amen Dr. Corletta J. Vaughn! It seem some Preachers try to adjust the scripture according to their interpretation to mislead and want the church family to applaud their wrongful doing. I would never attend any church that have this kind of mindset and teaching. After a while you gonna find Preachers preaching its ok to do anything. Come On Now Folks.. these preachers need to stop pretending and get out of the pulpit with that nonsense. And yall need to stop following behind these demons that are trying to send you to hell right with themselves.

  2. Thank you Dr. Vaughn, the church should pray for her. Let us not entertain what she is clamming the church to be but lets show her in Love who we are. It is the Love of God that brings us into repentance. Once again Dr.Vaughn thanks.

  3. Thank you Dr. Vaughn for calling Allison Abrams out. She knows better than that. She is supposed to know God's Word & be an advocate for the Lord. And this lie about being mistreated and ostracized in the church should stop!! How many gay musicians and singers do you see enjoying fame in the name of Christ! They are not ostracized. BUT KNOW that as Christian believers, we are not going to AFFIRM, SUPPORT, AGREE WITH her gay agenda. And just because people don't agree with your view points, does not mean they hate you. I know some adulterers, fornicators & such, & I do not agree with what they are doing, and they don't petition for Christians to agree with what they are doing; but I don't hate them either. They know they are wrong. They don't set out to MAKE people swallow their mess. They keep it personal.

  4. Way to go Dr.Vaughn for letting the sister know she's in SIN. GOD does not approve of this lifestyle and it is an abomination. She doesn't even want to quote the scriptures??? She says that they are used to hurt gay people-- THE DEVIL IS A LIAR, A DECEIVER AND THERE IS NOT TRUTH IN HIM AND THERE IS NO TRUTH IN HER. Her accomplishments as an engineer and success as a Black woman has NOTHING TO DO WITH HER LIVING THIS LIE.

  5. A Child Of The King:Thursday, 07 August, 2014

    Dr Vaughn was not beating around the bush, she was telling it like it is....God changes not Holiness is Still Right. Allyson need to be delivered from that sin and demon that's possessing her. We play to many words and games and don't get straight to the point....but not Dr. Vaughn, she went in.

  6. Thank you Dr. Vaughn for letting your friend know you want support her in Sin. And you not judging her Romans Chapter 1 makes it plan.

  7. Amen, Bishop Vaughn ! Thank you for being strong and for speaking out clearly about this situation. Your love filled rebuke is valid and in order. I only wish more of the Holy Clergy & all true Believers would rise up and speak the truth in love just as you have. God`s Word has set the standard and it`s not coming down off the Throne just because it`s 2014 and people want to be given to change. God said , " I`m the Lord God and I change not...". God made Adam and Eve ! He didn't provide any other mate options, did he ? So, any changes we make or invent is a clear case of rebellion against the Creator. Our emotions and society`s acceptance of perverse choices cannot dictate what God`s Truth is. And, society cannot force Christian Believers to conform to the worlds decaying moral standards. Jews, Arabs, Hindus, etc., etc,... stick to what they believe. So, why oh why, is the True Christian Believer supposed to be abstract, wavering , weak and "two-faced " in our biblical beliefs and convictions? Just because some " fallen angel " has seduced someone we know, doesn't mean we all change. Some of us don't want to be reprobate ! God is not accepting what he has declare to be an abomination ! We love you all, but , we must be committed to the Eternal truth of God`s Word. The Righteous shall flourish, but the ungodly shall perish if they don't repent , no matter what the sin may be. Sis A Abrams position & lifestyle is a living LIE ! Her false peace will not change God`s plan for mankind or his Judgment.

  8. Bishop Vaughn, I have never heard that said with such LOVE. Amen.

    1. I agree with you Anonymous this is by far the best that I have read.

  9. Rebuke sin with love!

    1. Abraham's Daugther:Friday, 08 August, 2014

      Bishop Corletta Vaughn and many of my brothers and sisters that stand for righteousness and holiness, I stand in agreement. We pray that a true God encounter changes the heart, mind and flesh of our sisters, that righteousness and the truth of the Word of God prevail.


  10. pearsonI am not gay, but wouldn’t apologize nor be ashamed if I were. I love my wife dearly and have been married to her for over 20 years. We have scores of married and single gay friends we love and respect. You don’t have to be gay to love gay people and even hang out some with them. You don’t have to be a divorcee to love, support and respect them. Neither do you have to be Muslim or Jewish to have friends from those religious disciplines. As Inclusionists, we teach that we don’t have to go along to get along and that we can mind many of the same things without necessarily having the same mind about everything. Inclusionists believe Peace is possible, both individually and globally.
    Jesus was accused of eating with “sinners” (Mark 2:15) and protecting prostitutes and adulteresses from the stones of the religious right of his day, called Pharisees. The word Pharisee translates “separatist” or “separated” in both Hebrew and Greek. I am an Inclusionist and proudly so.
    Many of my self-righteous detractors accuse me of being gay because I am so outspokenly supportive of gays. Next to the Jewish community, the same gender loving (SGL) community were the first to reach out to me after hearing my Gospel of Inclusion. Do these same people, suspicious of my sexuality, also say I am atheist, a Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Scientologist because I hang with, love and accept them all and others, including those hypocritical so- called Christians who hate themselves and everyone else?
    I’m not preaching false doctrine, just exposing it while dealing with some 2000 years of entrenched and mostly erroneous indoctrination. I love Christ and so- called “Christian values” but those taught more by Christ than most Christians.
    It both amazes and amuses me that so many Christians simply cannot believe that someone loves unconditionally in the way they like to proclaim Jesus taught and did. Most so-called “people of faith” actually have more fear than faith or more faith in their fears than in God. Or perhaps when I say God as it relates to fundamentalists, it is commensurate to fear of God or faith in their fear of his wrath, in effect is their worst fear. Their God, in order to keep them from sinning, something they presumably would prefer and habitually do, threatens to send them to an eternal customized torture chamber. I once feared that god and his hell too, but I no longer do and I don’t even believe in that manmade and presumably bible supported god or his hell. Even the heaven I believe in is not the one in the Christian bible. That one is too gaudy for my taste. I never liked the streets of gold thing. Reminds me too much of my old TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Stage). BTW, my dear 84 year old mother keeps one of the 3 TVs in her bedroom tuned to TBN 24/7 Lol! . I actually prefer sands and beaches to walls of Jasper and topaz as the book of Revelation describes and prescribes. And why would heaven need walls anyway? Moreover, as I close, most gays I know are much more like Christ than many of the Christians I know. And most of my same gender loving (SGL) friends, both male and female, seem to be better (not bitter) and more responsible and loving Christians than most common fundamentalists. Same is true of many of the non-Christian SGL people. I could say the same thing about several of my atheist, Jewish and Muslim friends as well. Again, this is not a criticism, but an observation and an important one that must not be ignored. Being in church or a church no more makes you Christlike than being in a garage makes you an automobile. What say ye?

  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JphY46IjQEs I think it is time that the black church really look at this issue a little different. Bishop Carlton has another approach that is a different then Dr. Coretta Vaughn. I don't think we should judge anyone. This is the main reason gay people have started their own churches, the straight churches put them down, talk about them, preach their sermons around them, that is SIN too. If it is wrong then LOVE them into the kingdom. Let them without SIN cast the first stone. There is not a person living that can throw a stone. We ALL sin daily! If this woman wants to love GOD and be with the person that she really loves, why can't she do that? The bible also says, for God so loved that world that he gave his only begotten son that "WHOSOEVER" believes on HIM shall me saved. He didn't say, those that straight only, those that are gay only, He said WHOSOEVER...That means gay, straight, crocked, black, white, or hermaphrodites. This group of people are born with both sexes, where will they go heaven or hell. According to the black church God makes NO mistake are these people mistakes?

  12. The bible also talks about divorce! Coretta's husband now is not the father of her children. The bible teaches against divorce, but certain preachers pick and choose what sins applies to them. Now of these preachers have heard from GOD concerning gay issue's and until God speaks to them, they need to STOP preaching from SELF! God cares about our hearts and he wants us to LOVE everyone, who you love isn't important to God!


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