Question Of The Day: Should Floyd Mayweather Be Made Fun Of To This Extent?

Lord have mercy, many have no problem mocking others.  Rather, a person is an unbeliever or a believer, mockery have the same effect, it's painful to the person being mocked. It's a form of contempt and it's wrong, no matter how many laughs one might get. We all can agree that Floyd Mayweather has a long history of arrogance, conceit, pride, self-importance, egotism, bad mouth, and so on. But do that constitute Floyd, being humanity to this degree, scale, level, magnitude, scope or extent by his peers?  "TWITTER" is currently going crazy about Floyd Mayweather and his apparent difficulty with reading. This past week, instead of the ice bucket challenge, Rapper 50 Cent has challenged Floyd Mayweather to read a page out of a Harry Potter book. You know what happen next...someone has uploaded a clip that shows Floyd Mayweather struggling to read. This is heartbreaking!


  1. Yes that was not cool for the Breakfast Club to release that audio!! If I was Floyd I would NEVER do another interview with was inappropriate!!

  2. That's not very nice at all. He does need to get help learning to read, but he doesn't deserve to be bullied about it. I don't care what he has done in the past. We don't need to put our people down like that. Blacks have struggled to read and write since slavery and before that. I hope he will find the confidence to conquer yet another obstacle in his way.

  3. That's a really nasty thing to do, so many adults struggle to read and this will do nothing but stop those people from seeking help.

  4. Illiteracy isn't funny!

  5. This is not kool! Y'all hang out with dude throwing money at Strippers U could have helped this man learn to read. He could have been hiring tutors while flashing money all the time. 50 cent went too far this time. I think this not only humiliates him but it also hurts his children. This is not good- nor is it funny!

  6. I thought it was wrong for them to air the audio of him trying to read. That hurt my heart to hear, no adult should be illiterate in this country. I hope he gets help and learns to read, because at some point he will retire and reading will come in handy.....

  7. I see nothing funny about making fun of some one that clearly has a learning disability.Many Americans struggle and suffer inside everyday carrying around the burden and effects of a poor education. Floyd Mayweather may have his problems but at least he made his money the honest way.With hard work and determination he turned himself into one of the most successful businessmen ever. 50 cent victimized innocent African Americans by selling drugs and killing people in their black respective neighborhoods. When he had the opportunity to make money and stop selling drugs and poison to his fellow African American women and children. 50 cent decided then to dehumanize black women by calling them filthy disgusting names, and also willingly celebrated black on black violence ,just to make a financial profit for himself. Floyd Mayweather is the epitome of a warrior a sucessful black man self made from hard work and determination. 50 cent is the epitome of a career low-level street thug and murderer masquerading around as a decent human being. Floyd Mayweather may have his problems but at least he doesn't victimized and dehumanize other human beings for his own financial gain.


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