Out Of Spite Tenn. Church Refuses To Bury Teen!

Ryan Brown, 15 died in a tragic accident on Monday, but his family’s church refuses to bury the teen because of a dispute over the church’s finances, reports MyFOXMemphis.com. The church's attorney advised them not to hold the services:
“He said he was advised by his attorney not to let us have the services here, because we’re questioning some things financially that are going on here at our church,” Keller said. “My sister, it just threw her for a loop, it was like adding fuel to the fire,” Keller said, “She’s just extremely hurt, still, still, still distraught.” “We are members of this church, my nephew was baptized here,” she added.
That is very terrible! What lawyer would advise that? Not one. I believe that the pastor of that church did that out of spite! The family was taking them to court and the church no longer wants anything to do with them.


  1. Better question: what pastor would listen to the voice of an attorney and ignore the voice of God. The pastor is either a weak lier or a weak leader. Oh, much congrats to all those who are following him to hell.

    If ever a time to give the love of God...but how can one give what one does not possess!

  2. Wow! The church has proven once again that it's about finances and not the people

    1. Not the church... But some folks claiming to be the church...

    2. Rev. Kareem A. Christian, I agree! Some folks are giving the church a bad name.


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