Lord Have Mercy, Deitrick Haddon Has Made The Most Outlandish Claim I Believe I've Every Heard: It's Okay If Pastors Aren't All On The Same Page?

Deitrick, get out of here with your immature behavior and foolishness.  If y'all all  preaching from the same Bible, shouldn't  y'all  be teaching the same thing? I'm just asking!  For me, Deitrick behavior is TOO off for me. I WOULDN'T  take 2 steps following him.......cause he is not leading by example. I know even pastors make mistakes, but when you're calling yourself a man of God and having sex and babies without being married THAT isn't a mistake, you KNOW better! Plus, he's SUPER immature, acts like a teenage boy instead of a grown man. He should just sing and leave being a pastor alone.
 "Preachers Of L.A." star Deitrick Haddon explains to Sister 2 Sister why it's okay if pastors aren't all on the same page. 
Do you agree or disagree?


  1. I would never take what he has to say into consideration.....he needs to get under the word and have many seats for a very long time.

  2. That's why it's good to read the bible for yourself.

  3. I disagree and I would never study under him. He should stay a musician because he lacks the wisdom necessary to pastor. He is like someone who says you can drink every single day as long as you aren't a drunkard. Technically, this is true, but is it wise?

  4. I disagree, DeiTRICK needs to go sit down somewhere real low! He doesn't want to live by the bible. He tries to twist it around and justify whatever it is that he wants to do. He doesn't want to respect God's word. He wants to live in the world and act Godly. It just doesn't work!

  5. A Child Of The King:Thursday, 07 August, 2014

    I watched the Preachers of LA and I disagree with Deitrick totally. He's the type of man that wants to change the Bible to suit his circumstances at the time. When one becomes a minister, that playground is much smaller than mine. The rules are different and you can't change the Bible because you've decided to sin in the eyes of the Lord.

  6. Deitrick is strictly trying to justify his sinful behavior. Let's not forget that his wife was pregnant at the wedding. They tried to cover it up by getting married before the actual wedding. He's smart enough to know what the Bible implicates about shacking! And it clearly says, "take no offense in the Word." So, why is he always offended?..

  7. Frankly that reality show is means of how Deitrick pays for that sinful life at the expense of making an absolute FOOL of himself! My prayer is for Dumbinque for sure she'll cry many years of bitter tears for her cosigning

  8. Apostle Of The InternetThursday, 07 August, 2014

    I think he can sing but is crazy calling himself a pastor and always acting a fool if he does not like what they say he goes off but he think they should go with whatever he say,s I think when he grows up it will be okay but for now I wish he would just sing.

  9. So sad! Teach the Bible!!!,tell the truth!!! Stop!!!! trying to fix it up for your own wrong doing!!! This is the time we're living in. Hell has enlarged itself!!! I'm so glad I don't look to man! God isn't pleased!!!! He will handle this!!!!

  10. Sorry I disagree. The Bible is the same no matter what denomination you are. People add extra religious stuff that's not in the Bible. But the Bible says the same stuff to all.

  11. Pinkie Undeniable JohnsonThursday, 07 August, 2014

    I disagree!!!!!!!!!!!!You either going to preach the Whole Counsel or Don't do it at all!!!!!!!!That's very deceiving to teach part of the word and not all. That's why people are so confused and don't know which way to turn, to the left or the right!!!!!!!Especially the Young!!!!That's why you see all these pop up churches, ministries, pastors, preachers etc because everybody is speaking something different!!!!!!We should speak the same and mind the same because there is One God & One Lord, One Heaven & One Hell and all got to stand before a Righteous God of all the deeds we have done in our bodies, and nobody can stand for you, you got to give an account for your own actions. Every knee Shall Bow before the Coming of God, whether you believe in Him or not. Now if God is speaking to all these people why aren't people lifestyle are not changing or coming amoung things that they supposed to delivered from in the first place!!!The Bible is Right & Somebody is Dead Wrong!!!!!!!!The Bible speaks about false prophects, preachers, teachers!!!!!!!!Get to Know Him for Yourself, so if someone get off, especially your Leader, then you know you are not in the right place. Now don't get me wrong nobody is perfect and we do fall short of his Glory sometimes and we should lift up and pray for all our leaders, but when you intentionally sin and intentionally deceived the people,you got to give an answer to God Almighty, especially our Leaders that is misleading the people because there Blood is going to be left on them!!!!!!!!!

  12. Actually what he says has some credence. There can be differences between pastorson the bible etc. However, it must be only in things that are not essential. We, the Church, was given the ability to disagree between non-essential doctrines etc. However, where we MUST agree are on the essential doctrine doctrines. So yes, although I don't like him for many reasons, he does have a point. However, I must admit he made that point by mistake bc it appears he was just trying to justify his sins but on a deeper level he is correct in a sense as long as again hes talking about non-essential doctrine (tongues, woman pastors, infant baptism, etc) and not essentials (Jesus being God, death burial and resurrection, bible being inspired and true word of God, etc).

  13. This fool isn't worth discussion. Period.

    1. Therrrre you go! Let's discuss why anyone who knows God would follow him. How much more obvious can God make it?

      Let's just be honest. There are many who want religion but KNOWINGLY don't want God.


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