Jesus Take The Wheel: Former Mars Hill Pastors File Charges Against Mark Driscoll!

 Lots going on at Mars Hill lately. According to the internet rumors, this upheaval in the church was instigated by a Mega Pastor in Texas who planted his operatives in the church to create this mess. I don't know how much truth is in in the rumor, but it does look like someone is trying to gain power by destroying Mark Driscoll.

A group of former pastors from Mars Hill Church have filed formal charges against the church's Senior Pastor Mark Driscoll. All 21 pastors have left or been let go from the church. The 11-page complaint filed with the executive elders at Mars Hill alleges Driscoll's abusive and intimidating behavior toward church leaders, staff and members. Source:

UPDATE: Megachurch founder Mark Driscoll will step down for at least six weeks while Mars Hill reviews formal charges lodged against him from previous pastors.


  1. Pastor Mark Driscoll will have a special announcement this Sunday on the heels of the latest public accusation against him – improper leadership.


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