Jesus Take The Wheel: Controversial Pastor Steps On His Members, During A Deliverance Service.

Lord have mercy, this is the same pastor (Lesego Daniel of the Rabboni Centre Ministries, South Africa) who early this year made his church members eat grass, claiming that eating grass will bring them closer to God.  He's pictured above stepping on his members during a deliverance service. Source:


  1. I think that pastor needs deliverance himself. Stepping on your followers, even with your shoes on is inhuman.

  2. He needs to step on them, if they are stupid and silly enough to let him.

  3. Eating grass, stepping on people!

    At some point you have to throw up your hands and except that both the pastor and his followers are lost beyond common sense and reasoning.

  4. I can only imagine what he get the women(or men boys & girls) to do for him privately. Pimp tendencies. Smh!

  5. "Birds of a feather, flock together"! Let`s face it, they all need help! Pastors get away with foolishness because their congregations are filled with foolish people who love to have it that way (Jeremiah 5:31 ). We all know that his "act" doesn't make sense but if people don't get connected to the Jesus of the Bible then you have this foolishness. Jim Jones was not the only Pastor in our Religious history that made fools out of people, and he wont be the last because the people allowed it. We all need to be careful who we allow to Pastor /Under-Shepherd us. If a "Leader has a particular bias , a spiritual malady, or a mental illness, then the people are subject to those spirits that afflict his spirit and dominate his mind. Hence we hear and see much foolishness in the brick and mortar church. Not just in foreign countries but right here in the USA. We hear and witness so much ungodly behavior, vulgar speech and lies coming out of some of these current " Leaders " mouths. Yet they claim they have been called by God to preach the Gospel. I personally don't "worship any Pastor and never will, I will follow you as you follow Christ. No Pastor is perfect but there is a distinction to be made between those "Leaders " who follow Jesus and those who follow their own corrupt spirit. Stop being intimidated by a "man" who will " wither like grass". If a Leader tells you to do something that is not right or Holy/Wholesome, DON`T DO IT. We are not called to obey those Pastors who only imagine that they hear from God. If you know the Lord, why would God skip communicating with you and tell them to tell you to do a particular thing? That`s like if I'm in a loving relationship with my Dad and instead of him talking to me ,My Dad goes over to the neighbors house and tells them to tell me to do a particular thing. That`s ridiculous, right? If my Dad and I are in good/loving longstanding relationship, then he can talk to me one on one. The close and undefiled relationship between you and God yields personal communication . Let the Pastors " word/instructions " be a confirmation, not " shock and awe " The Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit will never act unseemly. In other words, don't eat grass and stay from under the Pastors shoes. Satan is supposed to be under our feet, not the people.


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