Church Announcement: As Of Monday, August 11, Robin Williams Now Believes In God.

I was saddened upon hearing the news about one of my favorite actors, Robin Williams. I was also sadden by the online chatter that he might have been an atheist, and part of a Hollywood secret society. Some say Williams made a career out of mocking God, if so, now he's paying the price for his rebellion. It's a fact of life that we were made to be loved by God. He created us for Himself and it is in Him that we find our purpose and personal satisfaction. Even just the mention of Robin Williams name made me smile. He was a great actor.

 According to Good Fight Ministries Williams, 63, pictured above, was born in Chicago, Illinois, and grew up outside of Detroit, Michigan. His father was Episcopalian and his mother was a devout Christian Scientist.  Robin Williams, funnyman whose characters teach that cross dressing, homosexuality, New Age practices, humanism and “doing your own thing,” is directed by a voice that speaks instructs his every move.

 Williams admits that a “voice will tell me either to take a role or not. And if I want to travel, that same voice lets me know whether or not the journey will be a safe one.” Satan has full dominion over the lives of those that entertain and who are in the business of filling our minds with new perspectives. What if Satan came to you and placed a mask over his face of your favorite movie star, would you listen to what he had to say? Whenever we haphazardly view films, we oftentimes lend our ears to the demonic realm for hours at a time and are unduly effected through the parables that are assembled to instruct. Let us examine the Hollywood elite and thereby prove just who it is that they serve.
Hollywood's Unwritten Rule!


  1. “Robin Williams didn't die from a disease, he died from his choice.”

    1. I disagree, Robin Williams, like many other people (of fame or NOT), committed suicide because he had a mental problem that, while helping him become a creative genius and humanitarian, it also caused him to feel times of overwhelming pain and agony over his emotions and feelings.I don't think it was a choice.

  2. Satan is the prince of “darkness” after all.

  3. Something that keeps coming to my mind and that I’ve not seen addressed anywhere – his family knew he was going through these struggles. Why would they leave him alone, even in just another part of the house, for ANY length of time?
    I am going to guess that as a Hollywood celebrity, his house is large enough so that someone could easily be out of visual and audio range and no one would know what they may be doing.
    It just breaks my heart. It seems a personal aide was the one that found him, and not his wife or kids. I’m thankful at least for that. But it is still a shame that someone who made so many people laugh was this unhappy and decided to make this terrible choice.

    1. I have been thinking along these lines! Millions of people are filled with laughter because of him but no one was there when he needed them. But as Christians we may not have anyone around us. But the creator of this world has drawn us in his hands and watching over our steps. Read John 17:9-13; 14:16- 18. An incident like this should stir every Christian's heart to share the unconditional love of God and the glorious hope we have with our nonbeliever friends ! The glitter and glamour they have outside is just a sign of the vacuum inside!

  4. The death has been confirmed as suicide, and there are reports in the press that he was experiencing serious financial problems.

  5. One of my relatives tells me that Robin Williams was an atheist because he was “disrespectful to God.” I believe that to be true.


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