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Fix It Jesus,Why Millennials Are Ditching Religion For Witchcraft And Astrology!??!??!

Reader  interesting read! We have got to reach out to this generation. We have to lovingly mentor this generation. There world is way different that what some of us had. We lead by example. What happen from one generation to the next? Where did the ball get dropped? If he isn't the center of our life, walk, the way we entreat an react then how do we except Him to be theirs?!! "The psychic services industry — which includes astrology, aura reading, mediumship, tarot-card reading and palmistry, among other metaphysical services — grew 2% between 2011 and 2016. It is now worth $2 billion annually, according to industry analysis firm IBIS World".

Will You Join The Boycott 'Exodus' Movement?


In case you haven't heard, there's a "Boycott 'Exodus'" movement on social media right now. Fox is getting on the Biblical movie bandwagon, and releasing, this Christmas, "Exodus: Gods and Kings," directed by Ridley Scott, and starring Christian Bale as Moses, Joel Edgerton, Arron Paul, John Turturro, Ben Kingsley and Sigourney Weaver.  And of course the first thing that you notice is that there are no black people, or POC in the cast.

Well, actually, that’s not exactly true. There’s Kingsley (whose real name is Krishna Pandit Bhanji, the son of an Indian Ismali Muslim, and an English mother); and, as you can see in the image above, there are black people in the film - as slaves and servants.
Rest Here!

 I don't care. You know how I will boycott? NOT SEEING THE MOVIE.


  1. Why are black people offended by these things? When will we learn? The rich white elite of this world hates black people. Hollywood is ruled by them so you what do you expect. These people are not Christians so they make their own (corrupt) versions of the histories in the Bible. You can always make the choice to not go watch the movie. When will black people stop seeking validation from the white elite? Even if they let black actors win an Oscar it is mostly in a role that degrades the black race. Check it for yourself. Even some black directors are degrading and stereotyping their own people in their movies, only for the money. And why blame the directors, producers? What about the black actors who play these roles, couldn't they reject? Yes they have to eat, but there are other jobs out of the spotlight. But noo everybody wants to be famous, well then don't complain. As for me I don't care for Hollywood, they can do want they want with their movies, it has nothing to do with Jesus or with me. The entertainment industry should not be of concern for Christians, we have far more important things to do. I know that all people are equal in Christ and I should love them based on that.

  2. Anyone who checks their facts knows that there was trouble in the camp of Israel during the Exodus because Moses' wife was a woman of color.


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