Who's The Mysterious 'woman in black'?

Lord have mercy, I don't know what to make of this. A Facebook page has been created to track the travels and document this lady's mission. A woman in long black robes minding her own business, has been spotted roaming through multiple states, which has struck up a kind of fear in some. The woman in black, is reportedly being on a 'Biblical mission' that got some in the public not wanting  to believe, so they have taken  to following her on social media. 

Could a woman dressed in black be an angel? Some of the people that have seen a mysterious figure that fits this description are wondering if that is the case. "Where is the Mysterious Woman in Black?" popped up on Facebook on July 18 after buzz grew on the Internet over the woman who has been spotted in multiple states, including Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Virginia.

The page collects photos snapped by passerby of the woman, who wears trailing black robes and a shawl over her head. Videos have also popped up on Instagram, and there is a hashtag as well: #womaninblack.
‘Have you seen the mysterious woman/women in black, drifting through your area? We want to know! Where is she headed? What’s her mission?’ the page, which has more than 9,500 likes, states.
The creator of the fan page claims it wasn’t meant to ‘harass, stalk, endanger, or belittle this woman’. However, it traces every step she takes, inviting people to post photos of the woman. She has already been spotted in Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee.

GEESH!! What in the hell wrong with us? We, live like we want to make 'Hell' our home, but scared to die, what's up with that? This woman wasn't bothering anyone. Leave her alone!


  1. I don't like how people or following this woman.

    1. Everyone deals with grief in their own way. I say leave her alone and let her walk.

  2. I agree, If she isn't hurting anybody, leave her alone!

  3. Who knows, i think this is getting outta hand!

  4. She was in Ohio Thursday and Friday! & there is more than one of her the pics are different women if u look at them! People should leave her alone she isn't hurting anyone! Just pray for safety of her while she travels.

  5. Her story is extremely sad. I agree that people should offer her food and water if she will accept it and be kind to her. However, I pray that she will let someone help her to deal with her grief and mourning. This may be her way of dealing with it, but it is obvious she does not have her closure yet. Sometimes these people become homeless for life, and I pray she will find some closure and live a happy life for the rest of her days.



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