Rev. Frederick Haynes III, Senior Pastor Of Friendship West Baptist Church Has Concerns Over Statement Made By Rev. Robert Jeffress.

In my opinion, Rev. Robert Jeffress always jumps on a media opportunity to be the political/religious voice  for the right.  It's sad to see that even when confronted with a situation that everyone clearly knows what Jesus would do, he seeks popularity over compassion. I'am not surprised. He'd make a much better politician than a pastor.

Anyhow, these two Dallas mega-church pastors and their followers are in the middle of a political debate about what to do with the tens of thousands of children crossing the southern border.  The Rev. Robert Jeffress, senior pastor of First Baptist Dallas, is taking heat from The Rev. Frederick Haynes III, senior pastor of Friendship West Baptist Church over comments Jeffress made on the national program Fox and Friends.

 “We can’t allow fear-mongering to get in the way of the truth,” Haynes told his congregation during a sermon on Sunday. The pastor was addressing concerns over statements he says Jeffress made about children and adults crossing the border illegally. “'Reverend Downtown' says, 'Turn them back.' I don’t know what Jesus you know; I don't know what Jesus you know," Haynes said. In a video posted by Friendship West Baptist Church on a social media site, Haynes is seen criticizing Jeffress’ controversial stance about the government and its efforts to secure the border.

”Yes, Jesus loved children, but he also respected the law,” Jeffress said during the Fox broadcast. “He said 'Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar.'” Jeffress said he’s been getting lots of support and criticism over his opinions about the thousands of children and adults making the illegal and dangerous journey into the U.S., and the government’s failure to adequately secure the border. ”I want to remind people that the idea of nations and borders is God’s idea,” Jeffress said. “Acts Chapter 17 says God is the one who establishes the nation and its borders.” Haynes sees the issue differently. He said he has a big problem with the message Jeffress is sending to the faithful. Source:


  1. I am simply astounded at the vitriol being spouted by Christians. Yes, we need to address the border issue, but we simply cannot turn our backs on these children.

  2. American "Christianity" was birthed in separatism and racism.This is a prime example of that hate. I'm so sick of people like Jeffers,quoting bible verses to spew their bigoted views. My grandparents and parents have told me time and time again how they grew up and people used the bible to spree their racism when using racial connotations towards them.... 1 John 4:20 "whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have NOT seen."

  3. Jeffress has a lot of hate for a lot of things. Far from what a pastor should be!

  4. I am so glad I do not know the "jesus" Jeffress knows. Christ would have never turned his back on anyone. Child or not.

  5. Whether Jeffress was wrong or right, he's entitled to his opinion, but there wa sno need for Hayes to call the man out of his name because he disagrees with Jeffress opinion. As christians, we're to set an example & not conform to this world. Too me he misrepresented christianity. He could've addressed the issue in another tone.

    1. Anonymous did I miss something? I just went back and re-read the article ,I don't see any where in the article were, Pastor Freddie Haynes called Pastor Robert Jeffress out of his name. I'm lost! Is it because Pastor Freddie Haynes using the phrase "Pastor Downtown"? That's not calling Pastor Jeffress out of his name at all.

    2. Correct Ann. Maybe I shouldn't have said "called him out his name", but Hayes shouldn't have addressed it in the tone he did. I've seen him several times in person & I'm quite sure his tone wasn't pleasant.

    3. All these assumptions. Smh. You act like you were there

  6. For me this is showing the two faces of "Christianity" today - one accepting and loving seemingly speaking from the New Testament and the other judgmental and using the Old Testament to justify their words and actions.
    Churches should not be involved in political issues - they don't pay taxes.

  7. Christians are to show compassion at all times and not get caught up in political expediency.

  8. How about just put them in concentration camps and put them to death. I mean, we might as well do that if we're going to send them back "home." RIGHT!

  9. Someone has to PAY for these children and their care and their education. Is Pastor Haynes going to ask the members of Friendship West to take in these people.....I THINK NOT! Rev. Jeffress is right on this one. There is a legal way to come into the USA in the 21st century. Yes! Mistakes have been made in the past but we are an enlightened community now. YOU JUST DONT SEND YOUR CHILDREN HERE AND EXPECT THAT THEY WILL BE PROVIDED FOR. They must be sent back now or there will be a devastating domino effect. What does GOD love.....He loves the truth......Pastor Jeffress told the truth!!!!


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