Question: What Type Of Judge Do You Think Kierra Sheard Will Be On The Upcoming Sunday Best?

Lord, have mercy Sunday Best, Facebook page, is gone learn today..... asking fans and followers of the show to TYPE and SHARE a post if they're excited to see Kierra Sheard on the season 7 Sunday Best THIS SUNDAY at 8P/7C. In my opinion,if the post comments are any indication of the shows followers and fans, it's not a good look for Ms. Sheard:

She doesn't have the MATURITY, WISDOM, or Industry intelligence for this position AT THIS TIME.  What she does have is an extraordinary voice and a famous last name. 
 She will  be listening for vocalist that sound similar to herself. I would love to hear originality this year and not all of the runs and acrobatics that young singers are attracted to now.
She's not "seasoned" enough to judge. She hasn't been around long enough or professional long enough. Should've gotten her mom. My opinion. 
 I love her voice but her being a judge will be something to see because when I watched their reality show I was not too impressed. I hope CeCe is not leaving because she was the nicest one who did not laugh at the contestants and she was nice to them. Yolanda, and Donnie were somewhat cruel to the point of laughing at some of them. The contestants went there for a chance to showcase their talent and they must remember as judges they are still ambassadors for Christ and they represent Him so they can still get their points across in a loving and kind way without embarrassing the contestants. 
 You know she comes from a music/singing family, which is to her advantage, so I'm thinking she'll be true and fair . She's going to be great!!  
 If anything I saw on her reality show is anything to go by, I do not think she is the best for the job. It takes a lot more maturity than what she has displayed she has... Just saying!


  1. What in the world Kierra doing there if she's not gonna be an honest judge? Ok everybody yes? Really? I prefer a judge that actually does judging. Good gosh.

  2. I'm sorry but this girl got to go. Kierra Sheard is not a good judge. I don't like her on this show.

  3. It's time to take Kierra off the show! You will lose a lot of viewers if you do not remove her. I've never missed a season but this young lady talks to much.

  4. Kierra is looking for a husband not singers.

  5. Kierra needs to be taken off the show, Kim Burrell needs to be taken off also, or learn how to be nicer to the con testants. Donnie is a big insult also. Why not just take the show off the air, it is not what people want to see in a gospel show.


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