Jesus Take The Wheel: Kim Burrell Addresses Sunday's Best!

Lord, have mercy, I'm disappointed much in Kim Burrell right now, I CANNOT BELIEVE she is addressing this mess in this forum. She should have let that junk go, and moved on.  She's acting so silly about it. Don't get me wrong, I like  Kim Burrell, but this was tactless and not at all classy.  I expected so much more from her. Kim Burrell has taken time out at the Christmas in July at Fallbrook Church, to address her ungodly behavior surrounding the Sunday Best Auditions.

In my opinion, she and Donnie were wrong, that's my opinion,  but instead of simply saying, "I'm sorry young man,  I made a mistake," and moving on, this is what she's doing. I don't believe this is an issue that is being blown up and out of proportion by the people. It is what it is, Kim is  a musical icon being rude to an up and coming singer on a GOSPEL show that should exhibit love, compassion, and constructive criticism.....THAT IS WHY ALL THE BACKLASH. You can tell from all the comments on social media that the majority of people clearly sided with the young man. We're all human. We ALL make mistakes. And we don't stop making them as we age. Just own up to it and move on. At least people can then respect you for your HUMILITY.... (YouTube comment)


  1. Kim should have let this mess go...shame on her for taking time away from worshiping to address this mess.

  2. This clip did not changed my perspective of her attitude. She's arrogant!

  3. She needs to have several seats and just admit she made a bad mistake her and Donnie were wrong period because at the end of the day they were doing that during a very critical moment. And he addressed their butts and now she's ashamed and tryingv to make light of it. Yes, the kid has alot of integrity for apologizing but truthfully he had nothing to apologize for. He wasn't rude nor out of line to check her pompous butt... In fact I believe it took that to humble them because most of them seem to forget is about glorifying His and not them anyways. Funny how people just agree with them because they are celebrities but just gave the facts her and Donnie just effed up and that's that! Do stop fronting, lying and denying...SMh! And please now she talking like she would've gotten Chile please, Kim ain't even built like that...smh! Lmbo these phony people I tell ya! Lo

  4. She's lying,she was nasty,rude and disrespectful and this dress is too fuckin little. Thes fake minsters kill me with their grandiose attitudes...where was her anointing when that young man was auditioning???

  5. I, agree Ann, I'm not here for Kim mess either. You know what? had she taken this platform to address this drama in a genuine sense I would give her the benefit considering " I've been in those shoes..." Listen to her. This guy has nothing on her besides the fact that she was rude and if the network botched the editing, she could have taken the higher road apologized and advised this guy for trying even after the fact. But NO. Kim has to boast and strut. This is why church folks does the most for me too prideful in following blindly and showing off but always claim the devil is at work. You damn right because most church folks that acts like she is are the devil working 3 times as hard trying to keep from being exposed.

  6. Well, she said that she apologized to the young man afterwards, so hopefully in her quiet time she can reflect an prayerfully learn something from it. Sometimes it takes a lot of people when you are such a public figure to tell you what you are showing the world. I think most artist are around so many people that want to be in their inner circle that they don't tell them when they are offensive or conveying a harsh tone when interacting with others. We forget sometimes, that Christians aren't perfect, but it doesn't give them the right to hurt others in the process. That public display that happened on Sunday's Best, only allows us to see how we need to pray for her going forward.

  7. I think I will pile on too.

    If what he said didn't bother her, then why take time out of CHURCH service to address it?

    She didn't KEEP HER COOL, he just shut you up because you knew he was right.

    B.E.T. is paying her (and Donnie) to judge people's talent It seems that they couldn't wait for the young man to be done to laugh at something (they said) that had nothing to do with him.

    My advice
    PAY FULL ATTENTION to those you are judging
    Save your personal joke for in between auditions
    Just say sorry and move on.

  8. Yinna does believe everything y'all see on tv. Those shows are heavily edited.


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