Jesus Take The Wheel: False Shepherds On Social Media!

Very interesting read:
Nearly 78% of American homes have broadband internet, and 67% of all Americans use social media. Around 72% of all internet users worldwide is on social media. That’s over 1 billion people — and 90% of them are on Facebook. Increasing internet access and the explosion in social media have provided false shepherds with a powerful tool to expand their platform and influence, and reach as large an audience as possible. But all of this exposure on the internet, and social media in particular, has proven to be a double-edged sword.


  1. That source makes some good points but to keep things in perspective I have to be mindful that that person is against Church period bc they were disfellowshipped. Even now that person who runs that site doesn't belong to a Church and encourages ppl to stay away from them although they claim Christ (can u b part of Christ while refusing his body). Just an observation :)

  2. The article itself does raise some solid points...... social media is a game changer for pastors that are in this for the wrong reasons. The tactics that the fraudsters could pull back in the day won't work the same way now without getting more exposure. God is going to clean His Church, that's for sure. Glory to God for the false shepherds getting exposed!!! Prayerfully, the people who are being (mis)led by these types can look instead towards Jesus Christ as their good Shepherd instead of Christ having to "compete" with man as the good shepherd, or Christ being forgotten as the good Shepherd altogether.

    What I never got is that if we are all a body of Christ, why is it that some "lesser" members of the Body are continuously giving to certain "greater" members in the Body. That's disturbing to me, to say the least.....

    @ Anonymous, your comment is curious to me. We, as the body of believers, are the makeup of Christ's true church of which He is the head. As far as I can tell from Scripture, that's the only Church that Jesus Christ is coming back for..... of course Christ has some of His people in church buildings, but that is not where they are EXCLUSIVELY.

    If the author is part of the Church of Jesus Christ then how is she refusing the body if she is a part of that same body? Just a tad perplexing to me.

    1. Thank you Phillmatic,

      I am the person who wrote the original article above. You are correct, Scripture defines the term ekklesia (translated as "church") as the body of Christ, the called out assembly of Jesus Christ -- not the building that we assemble in or some sort of business entity.

      People who accuse me of telling people to "leave" or "abandon" the ekklesia have unwittingly redefined the very meaning of this term. They are also putting words in my mouth and ignoring my many posts which encourage Christ-centered Biblical fellowship, and REFER Christians to sound healthy fellowships, worship gatherings, and Biblically qualified elders. None of the pastors who know me would accuse me of preaching a "leave church" message, because they know that I don't teach that.

      The content of my articles, broadcasts, and vlogs address the subjects of heretical and abusive leadership, as well as aberrant, toxic, cultic and apostate religious groups. Someone who interprets that as telling people to "leave the church" does not seem to know the difference between the body of Christ and an unhealthy, dangerous, pseudo-Christian religious group pretending to be a church. Those who know the difference know that I am not speaking against the body of Christ or discouraging Christians from fellowship, but warning against the apostasy and aberrant practices.

      As for the absurd lie that I'm "against Church because I was disfellowshiped" -- once again, anonymous has redefined the meaning of the term "ekklesia." Anonymous also has not paid any attention to my personal testimony, which I have shared many many times. On multiple occasions, I have made it abundantly clear that AFTER I got kicked out of a Charismatic Pentecostal institution, I CONTINUED to fellowship with different assemblies for YEARS until this very day. In the 9 years that I have been saved -- I have never stopped preaching the Gospel, never stopped serving the Lord, and never stopped "forsaking the assembling of yourselves together" -- ever. The only people who ASSUME that I say what I say because some phony 'pastor' kicked me out of his 'church' over 8 years ago, are people who don't know me and are wrapped up in churchianity.

      I'll tell you what's encouraging people to stay away from religious institutions, the people who attend them and the leaders who run them. Not Christian bloggers who hold up the standard of Jesus Christ and Scripture. The number 1 deterrent of "church attendance" (an unbiblical term by the way) are professing Christians who constantly make up excuses, enable unqualified leadership, and cement themselves in a man-made model of 'church' that doesn't appear anywhere in Scripture.

      And as for the accusation that I don't belong to the ekklesia, that is just more evidence that this anonymous person has redefined the meaning of Biblical terms to suit his or her false religious concepts. Bible lesson 101 -- I repeat once again, that the term ekklesia is referring to the body of Christ, the PEOPLE of God, not a building, and not an incorporated religious institution founded by man. My husband, my mother and I (we all live together) enjoy fellowshiping with other saints FACE TO FACE, studying the Scriptures and worshiping with God's people. The only people who assert anything different are strangers who don't know me and honestly don't care to, because if they did, all they had to do was ask me directly instead of leap to assumptions and post their uninformed conclusion on someone else's blog.

      I normally don't chime in and respond when strangers post unfounded assumptions and blatant lies about me, but there were so many in anonymous' comment that I felt the need to speak for myself.

      Take Care

  3. So r u ok w telling ppl NOT to attend Church? Do u believe Christ would want to spread that message? How do u share communion, how do u fellowship on a in person level (not just over a computer screen), etc. I just think telling ppl to avoid Church is not the will of God, Christ established the Church himself so y would He now all of a sudden abandon it?

  4. Also James says Faith w/o works is dead he said instead of telling u he will show u his faith by his ACTIONS Jesus said u can know the tree by its fruit and he CURSED the tree that didnt bear fruit. Can a person be a Christian and NOT belong to a Church and actively dissuade ppl from attending the Church Christ established himself? James was the leader of one of the 1st century Churches and died for his faith died a leader of a Church she refuses to acknowledge today saying its irrelevant that its all about "her" personal relationship w God and she doesn't need the Church of whom Christ is head... does a fish need water and if so then a Christian NEEDS a Church somewhere in their community to belong to. The Apostles nor Jesus weren't matryred for nothing. Again show me a Christian who doesnt attend Church or is opposed to it all together and I will show u a "Christian" who is mislead.


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