Jesus Take The Wheel: Church Didn't Bury Pastor For A Year, Expecting Him To Rise From The Dead.

Nigerian "Prophet Iretiola Ajanaku" had convinced his followers that he had the ability to heal sick people, make the deaf hear and perform all sorts of other miracles that created a massive following for him. His last great act was going to be to rise from the dead a few days after his death. So, when the minister was buried, his parishioners chose to wait for him to come back as he’d promised, and they were sure that he was going to follow through. So, they waited, and waited and waited…..still nothing. He died last August, which is quite a long time to keep a dead body around. Rest here!  


  1. I posted this before and I will post it again.

    Africa has some NEXT LEVEL foolish Christians/Churches/Pastors

  2. Cop because they refused to let this man rest in peace for a year i'm thinking maybe their faith wasn't enough to wake him. Sound like the foolishness of the get rich are not rich because your faith is to weak.

  3. Do we blame the pastor for making an obviously false prophecy? Or do we blame the people for blindly following a false prophet?

    It seems that nowadays people are so gullible and are prime victims of false teachers and pastors.

    This is why it is paramount that we study and know the word of God because false prophets and teachers are going to wax worse and worse.


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