Ex-Lesbian Christian Janet Boynes: Compassionate Yes, Compromising No!

I agree with this article..... Even though I don't believe a person who's born gay can change, that's just my opinion.... It's like asking a zebra to change it's strips. It can't be done.... I do feel we should treat homosexuals, or any other person for that matter that we don't agree with, with "Compassion without Compromise", we've all fallen short of the glory of God, and none of us deserve His mercy, but He gives us new mercies every day. Does this mean we keep on sinning? NO! When we come to Christ, we are set free from the power of our sins. Source:

 Now that is, preaching!


  1. No one is born gay. It a chosen lifestyle in my opinion no one's pushing a lifestyle on me that against the word of God. I will speak up and stand for Christ I am bold. Love is something we give everyone but we don't condone everything just because we love them.

    1. Mzyodie I honestly believe some people are born gay....It's very hard for me to believe every gay person have chosen the homosexual lifestyle.

    2. Mrs or Ms Ann Brock I believe What the Word of God Says and in my personal opinion they(gay,lesbians,bi sexual) have given there self over to that lust or desire. It a spirit When you begin to search the scripture there nothing in the word of God to condone it as good. Because it an abomination unto God. Now God does give us free will and in that comes choices.

      So even though we don't agree I Love ya with the love of Christ. Have a wonderful fourth of July.

    3. No problem Mzyodie, we can disagree without falling out...... it's hard for me to embrace the idea that "ALL" gay people chose the homosexual lifestyle....especially when there's no proof to prove such a claim.... By the way thanks for visiting and commenting on the blog.

    4. No problem here and Your Welcome. I respect everyone has a opinion.

    5. The debate over the origins of homosexuality is nowhere near over, as Americans remain starkly divided over whether same-sex attraction is rooted in nature, nurture or a mixture of the two.

      While the proportion of people who believe that homosexuality originates in peoples’ upbringing or environment has declined over the past few decades, a new Gallup poll found that 37 percent of Americans still embrace this notion.

      By contrast, 42 percent of Americans believe that people are born gay.

  2. I agree it's an awesome article...one sin is no different in God's eyes than the other. Sin is sin & we're all sinners!! This is a beautiful woman that God shed His light on & she will be able to minister to many others. Now she walks in the Light & we will meet her in heaven one day. Just a "prodigal son, like we all are"..

  3. If Christians agree that the word of God gives all the answers we will not have doubt of any sort. People being born as gay is a lie spread by satan to make it more acceptable. The Bible clearly tells us how homosexuality develops in Romans 1:19 - 32. The verse 27 clearly explains that the Bible is very clear on homosexuality. Anyone who reads these words of God can never accept this lifestyle as normal. We have to pray for them that God will bring them out of darkness!

  4. Anyone before coming to Christ is born with a sinful nature, so homosexuality, all sexual immorality, wickedness,, envy, haters of God and many more sins are included, all originated the same way. That's why homosexuality should be treat the same as any other sin. We all were born with a sinful nature after the fall of man and were separated from God spiritually. However, when we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior , We are born gain and given a new nature through Jesus Christ , in 2Corintians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation: old things have passed away: behold, all things have become new. It is then and only then that we can see truth and know that we do have a choice on how we want to live our life .

  5. Whether you believe people are born gay or not born gay...when you become a Christian you are BORN AGAIN...and we can all change our stripes! We become new creations, thank Jesus for that.


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