Does This Young Man look Like Sunday's Best?

According to fans and followers of the show he doesn't represent Sunday's Best.  Some followers of the show or calling the latest move by the show foul, and do believe "Sunday Best" shared this young man's story to get negative remarks. If so,  shame on them.  The show posted on its Facebook page the above pic, with the following caption:
   "Hi, my name is Antonio Johnson and I'm from Little Rock, Arkansas I decided this year that it was my time to show the world what God has blessed me with."

Once again, what’s the purpose of this gospel music competition? I wonder if the show is sending out a mixed dark message. Thoughts?


  1. Is this contest about talent or anointing or both? Talent is fairly easy but how do you judge anointing? Is it even possible to judge anointing? Every born again believer in relationship with Christ is anointed. And depending on the space we give to the Holy Spirit to operate in our lives the anointing will become visible to other people. What seems from this show, is that anybody can come and audition. Would they recognize a satanist in disguise? A person can sing like an angel and give chills, but if they have no relationship with Jesus it's just talent. It's NEVER a good idea for the church to imitate the world, satan is the imitator. Our God is THE CREATOR!

    1. The same thing can be said about the church.

  2. Sunday's Best is a TV show. There's entertainment value in what the show has to offer. I'm sure that very talented people have cycled through the show, but let's not forget that it's on to entertain. BET isn't investing to get people saved and going to church. Having said that, in order to keep the show interesting and entertaining, I'm sure the producers have to pick people that fall outside of the norm of church. Again, its a tv show.

  3. He is definitely unique.


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