Calm Down Folks, Tyler Perry Didn't Steal "What Would Jesus Do".

Calm down folks, it's business, Tyler Perry didn't steal anything. The folks on Facebook, are going hard on Tyler Perry, claiming he's wrong for stealing that trademark from Kimberly Kearney, just because she doesn't have the money and connections to match him.  He's definitely not doing what Jesus would do.    I disagree, this is about business. Tyler Perry opponent Kimberly Kearney even though she registered (WWJD) first lost her claim yesterday  at the Trademark Office.

 Kimberly claimed she had introduced Tyler Perry to the title of a proposed show. While not scripture of ecclesiastic precept, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has declared Tyler Perry to be the winner in a battle over "What Would Jesus Do." On May 2008, Perry registered the mark in the category of entertainment services  mentioning in his filing, live concerts, a TV program and motion pictures. He included a disclaimer that he wasn't attempting ownership on the exclusive right to use "Jesus" apart from "What Would Jesus Do." Source:

So here is the deal..... (What Would Jesus Do) "WWJD" is actually as old as dirt, almost.  It was, first a subtitle for a book called "In His Steps." Since then it has been used over and over again for generations to come... In todays form or use of "WWJD" You can use it in any matter. But... If you want to use it to make profit off of it you have to get it trademarked for whatever you want to use it for. For example Tyler and Poprah wanted to use it for entertaining purposes, however she was not active with it for whatever reason,(I'm thinking she didn't have the money to produce from it).

She even had it registered for opposition which means it was abandoned. (In the U.S. That is, looking at at, it is up for grabs) Tyler Perry notice she had felt to produce from it and it was abandoned so he went through the proper proceedings and got it trademarked and patent himself and was able to produce from it. Which is why he won. It's just Business! He didn't steal anything.


  1. Sorry, nobody owns what Would jesus do? That's a question that you ask yourself.

  2. I'm not sure if anyone read the article but someone had the phrase trademarked before him according to the article and it's for entertainment services.

  3. He wasn't trying to actually own it. He wanted the right to use the phrase. The other woman trademarked the phrase - which she really should not have been allowed to do. It's too common and based ob religion. He had to go to to court to fight it, so the line can be used without him being sued for it. And you know she would have. The article's title gives the wrong impression. The article's first line states he won the right to use the phrase.

  4. Go Tyler! People who don't understand business will vilify your actions because they do not realize if you don't--There is someone else who will. The people that vilify--are poor & starving...Lack of knowledge will leave you not living your dreams!!


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