Black Pastors Blasted For Earning Millions While Preaching To Low-income Communities?

Atlanta Black Star got an interesting article up that reveals how several pastors are making 200 times more than the people they serve. Source:


  1. I blame the low income people who are giving away their money to these churches and not demanding accountability. This problem can be solved if the people put demands on their offerings & tithes. A church cannot operate without these moneys, which means the people giving the money are the ones with the power....USE IT!

  2. The majority of Black preachers have always been thieves and pimps.

  3. People need to stop hating on people who have more than they do. i can´t speak for all of them, but i can speak for Bishop Charles Blake, have you put in the hours like he has to make a difference in someones life? how many lives have you touched? how many people did you help? how many hours have you put into studying, traveling, helping??? if it is okay for actors, musicians and athletes to make millions of dollar, why is everyone having a problem with preachers making money. if you work hard, you deserve it all! maybe instead of hating on people who have a lot, go and work for yours! hypocrites!

    1. The problem isn't that people hate RICH pastors, at issue is them using the pulpit to BECOME RICH.

      The reason actors, singers and other type celebrities are rich is because the nature of the business is to PROMOTE THEMSELVES as a product to make money.
      They could careless if lives are changed or people know The Lord. As long as the bottom line puts money in their pockets.

      As representatives of The Lord, PASTORS SHOULD BE PROMOTING GOD/JESUS regardless of how much money they make. A pastors MISSION (NOT JOB) should be to offer life altering alternative to THIS WORLD That can give them peace in a sinful world and ever lasting life with our savior.

      So when a pastor has his photo on the church program, on his newly released book ( with the theme title "How to live like me") and on bill boards around the city. You have to ask yourself,
      DOES HE TRULY WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW JESUS, OR IS HE PROMOTING HIS "BRAND" so he can become a rich mega pastor like so many before him.

      Its fine for pastor to be rich,
      He shouldn't be rich BECAUSE he is a pastor.
      He shouldn't be rich by collecting money from the less fortunate.
      He shouldn't be rich because he changed lives. (He didn't change the life GOD DID!!!)

      He (God) must increase, but I must decrease. (‭John‬ ‭3‬:‭30‬ KJV)

  4. This is not the lot of a true shepherd of God. All one has to do is look at the apostles and the life of the master...Christ


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