Stop With The Foolishness Pastor Rudy Rasmus We Can't Allow Money, And Prestige To Cause Us To Accept Any And Everything.

Pastor Rudy Rasmus, shame on you for being such a sell out. Speak the truth or shut up.  So it doesn’t matter how one makes their money? The internet is abuzz after St John Church Pastor, Rudy Rasmus in an interview commented about his famous member, Beyonce’ Knowles.  I am not a Beyoncé hater before her fans start. My problem is with members of the body of Christ who can be bought with money, by denying the state or quality of being holy. It's obvious Beyoncé ‘s tithe alone can feed the masses. But that doesn't exempt her from hearing the truth.  In the interview, he says:
“Beyoncé is a consummate entertainer, and an entertainer entertains. Is the entertainer’s entertainment an expression of that person’s life and reality? I don’t know. But I know when Arnold Schwarzenegger straps on a 30 caliber cannon and blows planes out of the sky, nobody asks the question, ‘Arnold why are you walking around for those 90 minutes in that suit with that 30 caliber cannon? What kind of person are you?’ I don’t think I’ve heard that question. But at the end of the day, Arnold Schwarzenegger is an entertainer.”
 I think a person has the right to earn a living in the way that they are gifted, and I think that she is tremendously gifted and I think she expresses that gift in some amazing ways. I think the world would be void an extreme talent if we silenced her or censored her. 

 Is that what the bible that you preach from says? Have you, pastor Rudy, not been following Beyonce career over these last couple of years? Beyoncé is a sex symbol, for crying out loud. She's literally almost naked in her shows. So, that’s acceptable to create an erotic image in the mind of her young fans, because it’s entertainment?


  1. cookiecrumbles!Friday, 06 June, 2014

    Not shocking this guy act more like a pimp than a pastor. He more of new age anyway and beyonce is nothing more than a high class prostitute. So in the end Shady need shade.

  2. Like the saying goes "Don't bite the hand the feeds you!"... and she is feeding him well...!!

  3. Well of course her Pastor defends her, DUH!!! Beyonce is donating millions of dollars to his church. Do you honestly believe that he would ever say anything NEGATIVE about her??? Nope!!! Remember what Grandpa used to say - "Don't Bite the Hand that Feeds You."

  4. Apostle Of The InternetSaturday, 07 June, 2014

    Things pastors would say not to offend the biggest bread winners in the church even at the price of their souls. So he says everyone has a right to earn a living so I guess strippers, legal prostitutes and other immoral jobs are ok with God in his thinking.

  5. Who r y'all to cast judgement on either Pastor Rudy or beyonce'? I think freedom of speech and exspression is a law or something like that, maybe u heard of it if not Google it! God's messages don't always come from conventional methods or people, and everyone has a different gift also a different judgement day that which that individual will be judged by the most high all last time I checked y'all ain't it!


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