Question: Does A Preacher Of The Gospel Get To Have An Opinion That Differs From God's?

 Pastor Joel Osteen—whose "A Night of Hope" event on Saturday drew 50,000 people to Yankee Stadium in New York City—recently spoke about how he deals with controversial issues, meeting Pope Francis, and his views on Christian unity. The pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston recently said gay marriage is "against the rules," but that he doesn't want his ministry defined by how he views the issue. Source:
"I try to express myself in a way—'Here's what I believe the Scripture says, but it also says love God, love every person, love your neighbor,' " he added. "So I just try to find that balance.

Sorry Pastor Joel, but I don't believe a Preacher, Pastor, Teacher or Layman, should have an opinion that differs from God's. Our defense must be every letter of every word from the Word of God. Anything that varies from that is not truth.


  1. That's Joel Osteen for you.
    Trying to find BALANCE between hot & cold, LUKE WARM.

    He also said "Osteen said he is on board with the pope's message for unity, explaining that he does not have a problem with theological differences among Christians,"

    This would explain his Mormons are Christians too belief.

    So if I believe Jesus was just a prophet
    Heaven & Hell aren't real
    And Mose led the people to the land of Oz


    1. How can any of you pass judgment on him?? Only God knows where he is leading Joel and if what he is preaching is not from God, trust me God will show him. He is not a false teacher, he truly loves the Lord!!

    2. I am not "PASSING" judgement (ex: your going to hell!!!)

      I am judging his actions.

      He doesn't believe in same sex marriage, but he would go to a same sex wedding.

      He believes Jesus is the right way, but thinks other people can get to heaven by being sincere to their religion.

      He says he preaches the word of God, but refuses to mention the word or act of SIN in any of his sermons.

      This notion that pastors who aren't preaching the truth of God will be shown by God the error of their ways is a hopeful mindset to have

      What kind of Christian would sit back and allow a leader to preach a false, partial or misinterpreted gospel with a "GOD WILL SHOW HIM LATER" mindset?

      What scripture shows this type of response to a pastor who isn't preaching the entire word of God?

      The book of Jude, the Brethren in the book of Acts, and Paul's letters to several churches shows an example of how we should address churches and their pastors who are preaching a false Gospel.

      By correction (using the word)
      Instruction (how to apply it to life)
      And in Love (allowing the word to convict and not our emotions)

  2. Surely Joel Osteen isn't refusing to stand for truth...? This is just another example of a people-pleaser who is being followed by the masses, who refuses to exhibit a backbone about politically explosive issues for fear it could diminish his following, and subsequently his $$, $$$.00

  3. Ann Brock and crew clearly missed the point here.

  4. Joel Osteen is about as phony a a $3 bill.........his MOTHER called him to lead that church after the old man died...before that he was a camera man.......people go where people s a hip, happening WORD.......but good music and ytou wont be offended by ANYTHING he says. Cool Whip religion


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