Once Again Meagan Good Justifies Being a Sexy Christian!

It's amazing to me that when Christians rightfully criticize another Christian's behavior people so easily throw out the judgmental card. It would be better for us to examine the validity of the criticism. Rightful criticism and correction is not false judgement. The Bible exhorts women to dress modestly and to not exploit their sexuality. The Bible also exhorts men to present themselves in a holy manner as well.

In the latest issue of Rolling Out magazine, Megan Good once again, defends her lifestyle, claiming that Christians can often be judgmental. She says that rather than approaching her with love, people often come at her with criticism in mind. But she stops short of explaining how being a free and independent woman means that she can wear anything she wants.

 Her critics say that she is free to dress as a normal person, but should show some respect to her faith, audience and venue in the process. Ms. Good is a  beautiful actress who's both a devout Christian and an admitted free spirit. She’s a sex symbol who believes in “saving it for the wedding night.” She’s not contradictory — she just refuses to conform to anyone’s standard. She won’t stop being Meagan just to please the public. And she isn’t ashamed of her sex appeal.

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