Lord Have Mercy Southern Baptists Issue A Resolutions On Transgender Edentity!

Southern Baptist delegates approved resolutions at the denomination's annual meeting yesterday on topics ranging from transgender identity and Hollywood's portrayal of the afterlife to government support of casinos and lotteries.

 On transgender identity, the delegates affirmed that "God's good design that gender identity is determined by biological sex and not by one's self-perception." The resolution, which was approved, urges transgender people to "trust in Christ and to experience renewal in the Gospel."

Ok, I need help understanding this, I am just a little confused with exactly what's meant by the newly passed resolution. Did they just go on record opposing gender assignment surgery and cross-sex hormone therapies for individuals who might want to make a choice, as in what sex they are? If so, Why? If a child is born with both sex organs (intersex is the medical term, I think) is it ok, to leave the child that way and not have the surgery?  Is this what's being suggested? 


  1. SBC continues to be on the leading edge of promoting hatred and trying to roll back human rights.

  2. Apostle Of The InternetThursday, 12 June, 2014

    This is not a condemnation of people, it is an affirmation that their lifestyle choices are at odds with God's original created beings! Those who support the lifestyles of homosexuals and transgenders are always attempting through untruths to validate their hatred of Christians!

  3. God will sort this all out one day.

  4. This transgender issue is not a recent one! It has existed right from the old testament period. They were referred to as eunuchs in the Bible (there are references in Esther book also). But unlike modern transgenders and transvestites who want to convert to the opposite sex simply because they feel like so the eunuchs of the olden days were converted to eunuchs by men to do service for the king. Even Jesus has clearly quoted the types of eunuchs matthew 19:12. Jesus did not have any condemnation or criticism for them. He mentions about those that are born that way. So if they are born with mixed sexual organs they can go for any sort of medical treatment to do lead the full life God intended for them. Even in the old testament God accepted them and has promised a better place for them than sons and daughters Isaiah 56:3-5.

    But the modern transgenders are not like this one they want to change and correct their sexes given to them by God simply because they don't like it. In the modern society transgenders and homosexuality goes very well toegether. That's what is being opposed.


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