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Is There A Proper And Correct Way To Leave A Church?

Another powerful post by Pastor H.B. Charles.  In his latest post,  Pastor Charles says he detest church hopping, but believe there is a proper time and way to leave a church.


 He lists legitimate reasons for leaving a church.  When is the right time to leave a church? How should one leave a church to join another? Great read!
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  1. Should a person stay at a church when the pastor is sleeping with the church members? That's a deal breaking for me.

  2. Apostle Of The InternetWednesday, 25 June, 2014

    I'm not one for changing churches like I change my pants, but I do think that we sometimes place too much importance (or stressing too much about it) of someone staying with their church or not. Your church home is part of "the Church" and I cannot find anywhere in Scripture where anyone is warned, called out, or otherwise counseled on leaving one gathering and going to another.

    As you recall, the first "churches" were people gathering in a multitude of homes, not in large church buildings. There were many different homes and I would suspect many different approaches to as to how the gospel was being taught/preached. I can't imagine anyone sweating out the fact that Mr and Mr's Matthew were going to leave Mr. and Mrs. Paul's home and start going over to Mr and Mrs. John's home for worship.

    I have been at my current church for 13 years and plan on moving to another church this coming year. I have discussed with the pastor, on two occasions, my concerns for our church (lack of growth and his not being more engaged in the day-to-day operation of the church) and he has chosen to continue his way, saying that we'll just have to agree to disagree. I feel that if I stay, I will be a negative influence (as I can't sit quietly while I see what I believe to be the pastor taking advantage of the membership's largess) and I certainly don't want to be that. So, it's best for me to move on to another fellowship. I will take with me many fond memories and blessings of my many years there and will continue to pray for God's leading at that church.

    1. In my humble opinion, a person with deep roots in that church has several options in addressing the "pastor sleeping with church members" issue. If the person concerned chooses to take a moral stand against the behavior you've described, then don't leave -take a stand! The issue you're concerned about may be apparent to others who are equally concerned, and willing to take a stand as well. If you're not as deeply rooted as others, or the misbehaving pastor has a network of supporters ignoring his/her behavior to the extent that exposing his/her behavior may cause you personal harm, then your best option may be to leave. Burke once wrote (paraphrase), "The only thing evil needs to prosper is for good men to do nothing."

  3. Well, I am in the process of finding a new church for me and my family, I just left mine a week ago.

  4. What did Jesus Christ say about the subject? His example is the ONLY one that really matters. I mean , we have our own religious opinions about this subject but , who`s word matters, His or someone else's ? Jesus is the PERFECT example. Should we or our households be influence/ affected by, or subject, to other peoples opinions on such matters that have nothing to do with Christ`s , death, burial and resurrection and Christian beliefs ? As long as our fellowship is with a bible believing , Orthodox Christian church, we are free in Christ to obey his direction, Alone. Everything outside of that would be our own personal opinions and religious beliefs. I've been in the "church" all my life ( over 60 years ) and I've seen some horrible situations concerning this topic. I've seen Pastors try to "curse folks who left. I've heard of Pastors harassing some people who leave their "church". I know of folks who lost all of their relationships with ex-member's of a Fellowship , just because they felt led to move-on. Some Saints were told that if they left, that, they would loose their Salvation. Now, all of this sounds "Cultish" & controlling to me . Now , if someone thinks that their current Pastor has the right to tell them when to come and go, then, there are deeper problems that need to be addressed. The Church is the "Body of Christ/Believers". The brick and mortar buildings we gather in has no hold on you unless you want to be there, The gathering place of the Saints is not a prison with a Warden. Fellowship with the Saints is a beautiful thing, but just make sure to pray and get God`s direction/will for your life and family. However , "let all things be done , "decently and in order". Let Love be obvious ! Don't cause confusion and just make sure you leave peacefully if you feel led to leave a certain "church". I have a church home myself and love having one. However, I refuse to be intimidated by "Leadership" if I feel led to move on.

    1. Anonymous I honestly believe Pastor Charles was been biblically sound in his opinion.

  5. Hmmm, perhaps it should be, if not already covered in the new members booklet. Its just like any other loving relationship that you are in, you just don't get up and leave without saying something. Its a matter of respect, love and leaving a good standing relationship. You never know, you may have to come back that way again.

  6. No one , absolutely no one, has the right to refuse a saint a seat in any "Christian Church". It`s a public place ! It`s not a "club". If you are leaving then let the Pastor know and stick to your decision. Remember you never have to ask permission to leave any church. We are not slaves, beholden to a earthly Master. Jesus Christ is the head of the church. We are to follow/obey Jesus Christ. Stick to the Jesus of the Bible and not the commandment's/ideology of men. You know why preachers like Jim Jones , Sweet Daddy Grace, Father Divine and Prophet Jones had so much manipulative power/influence over their congregations ? The people gave it to them. FOLLOW JESUS ! NO MATTER WHAT ASSEMBLY YOU BELONG TO, follow the Leader as they follow Christ. Leaving a church is a personal choice and no one but God, has the right to deny you that choice.

  7. If I'm uncomfortable in a church, I'm leaving...end of story! I will also go to as many churches that I need to until I find the right one. And I wouldn't owe anyone an explanation. My worship experience is between me & God. I owe it to him & myself to be in a church that brings out the best in me.

  8. i agree with many of my fellow posters here.what we forget is we are the church. not some gathering place.we can have church in a parking lot or a home. church is within i disagree with this preacher on many fronts.the black church of the 21st century is a place of entertainment. if i want entertainment ill go to the zoo and watch the monkeys play.when i step in church i need to hear some word.the choir is fine. but the word is my main course; if GODS word is changed or compromised i am gone. my soul is valuable.

  9. I wholeheartedly agree with the last poster. A lot of the pastors use the members as a means to an end- money. They don't genuinely care for the people, especially the least among them. Some want to control the people for their own profitability.... the more people, the bigger the coffers.


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