Church Mess: Pastor Claim, Church As ‘his kingdom’ Locks Members Out!

 Members of a Birmingham congregation claim their pastor locked them out of their church Sunday morning. It happened at Friendly Missionary Baptist Church on 6th Street North in the Smithfield neighborhood. Church members said for several months there have been issues between the pastor and some members of the congregation about who is in charge.

 In a civil lawsuit filed last year, there are allegations that the pastor told the congregation the church is “His Kingdom” and “He has the only key to the church.” On Sunday morning members of the church arrived for service only to be greeted by a locked door. Source:


  1. The church members should be rejoicing, now they can go and evangelize in the streets and they can have home services and prayer meetings. I'm sorry but who are these people that are becoming pastors these days? Is there any qualification? Even Sunday school children know that Jesus is the only King an that He alone has the key!

  2. Preacher is probably a crook, pimp or something like that.


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