The Time Has Come For The "So-called Fathers” and “Mothers” In The Ministry To Publicly Stand With Pastor Charles Jenkins And His Family.

BCNN1 Editors really got a lot of nerve, with this request.  They are asking and encouraging all “fathers” in the ministry and all “fathers” and “mothers” in the Gospel music industry, especially those who were all up in Pastor Charles Jenkins face, when things were going well for him......took pictures with him, invited him to their churches and events, and accepted invitations to his church and events, to stand with him now when things are not going so well for him.

They are also, encouraging preacher, pastors, teachers and leaders to speak up for him and let people know that they are going to help him through this difficult time. Yes, the adultery, the betrayal of one’s spouse, and having a naked picture of him on the internet is a terrible situation, but it is no worse than committing adultery, murdering the woman’s husband, and lying about it for almost a year.

 And it is no worse than denying Jesus Christ three times. We are not suggesting that you compromise biblical principles and encourage him to jump back into the ministry, but we are suggesting that you let the world know that you still love him and support him, and that you love him enough that you will encourage him to take a humble path to restoration. (Maybe you can use your power and influence to get that picture off the internet. That would be a great help to him and his family.) As Galatians 6:1 says, “Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such a one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.” Well said BCNN1!


  1. Candy Crush SagaSaturday, 31 May, 2014

    Sorry, I disagree with the article, to continue to sleep with another woman for such a long period of time, preaching and singing the word of God, underneath his wife's nose, and having her in the congregation and payroll shows a lack of morals and character. I would hope that he would step down and re-evaluate himself, before asking the church to support him.

  2. I don't support that article at all. We have too many holy pimps and they should be exposed. Too many Black church "leaders" divide Black communities. Why? Black members don't hold them accountable. This man need to be held accountable for his wicked action.

  3. I like the article, It would be very easy to speak negatively about this pastor. Instead I am going to pray for him, his wife, family, and congregation. Pastor Jenkins needs to get right before God and through God's grace, love, and mercy, his sin has been exposed for the purpose of repentance, healing, and eventually relationship restoration. I pray that the powerful men of God that surround him will help him by way of accountability. Saints, we must pray fervently for our leaders. A leader can't prepare the bride for the bridegroom's return if he/she has spot or wrinkle they are not willing to deal with. Heavenly father help us all to pursue a deeper, intimate, and more transparent relationship with you.

  4. So, one is to believe this is where the tithes and offerings were going, to the Pastor's mistress? This is why I cannot be bothered with some of these so called religious figures, whom some people, will follow to the ends of the Earth.

  5. I'm sorry but Pastor Jenkins need to sit down. How can you stand before the people week after week after week knowing you are married and then you have a mistress for 8 years? I mean wouldn't you start feeling guilty and know you need to stop it before it toppled over into a year-after-year-after year. We can pray for him but in the mean time have a seat.

  6. Once again, an attack on the body of Christ; and Pastor Charles Jenkins allowed the enemy to use him in this mess. Yes, the Lord forgives. Yes, we should forgive; but what we should not do is turn out heads away from it. There are always consequences for our misdeeds. He is merely a man; but "to whom much is given, much is required". I am reminded of the story of Davis and Bathsheba. David was a man after God's heart and certainly lived under the favor of God, but when David's lust caused him to sin, God punished him. David repented, God forgave him, but there were consequences that were harsh, immediate, and even lasting until this day. It is what it is.

    Relevant Scriptures:
    James 3:1"Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, knowing that as such we will incur a stricter judgment".

    I Timothy 5:20 was speaking specifically of elders: "Those who continue in sin, rebuke in the presence of all, so that the rest also will be fearful of sinning".

    The word is clear that in the instances of sin among a congregation, the group should not overlook the sinner, but should correct in love and help the person to set him or herself back on a righteous path. In the instance of church leadership, the same is true. You don't allow the person to continue as if nothing happened. rather other elders must step in as mentors until such person is ready for restoration.

  7. I am all about supporting, encouraging celebrating and helping pastors when they are going through tough times. (Example: illness, death of a relative or stress)

    But the sins mentioned in the Bible, adultery, denying Jesus 3 times, murdering someone's husband were not USED TO LIFT UP THAT PERSON.

    If they want to support and lift somebody up,
    Support the 2 people who were fired so he could hire his mistress.
    Support the wife who was lied to for 8 years.
    Support the church that has to find another leader who won't abuse his position to get his freak on.

    Get Jenkins and his wife some serious help and counseling away from the media,
    Away from the pulpit
    away from those who turned a blind eye to his EXTRA relationship.

    1. Amen!!! Say that!

    2. Thanks Cop for a great comment. I believe the gross sin among Christian leaders today is a signal that something is seriously wrong with the church. But an even greater problem is the lowering of standards to accommodate a leader's sin. For me the folks who wrote the article is so eager to bring men like Jenkins back into leadership is a symptom of rottenness at the core of many churches.

  8. When Pastor Jenkins stands before God in that Great Day, he will be standing ALONE. When he is Judged by God he will be there ALONE. If he wanted help, he should have called the praying saints together for strength to resist that temptation he gave into. God forgives us when we repent but there are consequences that follow ungodly acts. He needs to get alone with God and stop acting like he is a victim. He shouldn't be pastoring at all. There are no UNDER-COVER, UNDER-SHEPHERDS !


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