People Of Color Beyond Faith Announce Community Outreach Drive?

What's your thought? Can or should the Black Christian Community, be willing to work along side the Black Atheist Community, for a common cause? 

People of Color Beyond Faith is a collective of humanists and atheists of color seeking to work in collaboration to facilitate understanding and outreach to the secular community. This includes web discussions, conferences, and educational outreach.


  1. My question would be why would atheists and humanists seek out a collaboration with Christians. By the very nature of what we believe in terms of "who we believe God is", puts us at opposite ends of the spiritual spectrum. If we volunteer or are employed in secular organizations that focus on the betterment of the human condition, we have no choice regarding who we work and collaborate with and that might include humanists and atheists. But, I would not purposely insert myself as a Christian into a collaboration with a group that puts "man" above God or who discounts who Christ is or who in fact sees man as "god". .Christ was human but also divine. I believe in his divinity. So, my first goal is to look for those who are like minded spiritually. Love all; but when it comes to advancing the kingdom in terms of addressing the sick, hurt, and disenfranchised in the community, I'd want to do that under the umbrella of a faith based Christ centered organizaniton.

  2. Anonymous, the answer may surprise you! ATHEISTS, HUMANISTS, NON BELIEVERS and people of FAITH, we all live in and share the same neighborhood. So what in the world could be wrong with the ATHEISTS, HUMANISTS or NON BELIEVERS, who just might have a plan and a solution, that could improve the neighborhood, that we all live in?

  3. Honestly it shouldn't matter. There is work to be done and we can't sit around refusing to work with one another because we dislike the god someone prays to or the fact that they don't believe in god. If we collectively believe in helping others, preserving our environment, and standing up against injustice then we should be able to work together for the benefit of all.


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