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White Jesus Is Offensive To People Of Color So Black Minister Is Calling For A Boycott Of ‘Son of God’ Movie??

Some are asking how can you portray the truth about the life of Christ and continue to portray the lie that He was Caucasian. A lot of folks just don't get it.  Maybe they don't believe anyone would go see a Jewish or Black Jesus.
Update: Bishop Jakes has come under some serious fire on his Facebook page for encouraging folks to see the movie.

*Saying that the image of a white Jesus is racist and offensive to African Americans, a North Carolina based minister is calling for a national boycott “Son of God” movie that opens in theaters this weekend.

Minister Paul Scott aka TRUTH Minista of the Durham, NC based Messianic Afrikan Nation says that he is outraged that even in 2014, many people in this country still promote the, historically, an inaccurate image of a Caucasian Christ.

He is asking that the black community not support the film which is to be released on February 28, which, ironically is the last day of Black History Month.

More Foolishness From Rev. Bill Owens, President of CAAP And His Crew Of Angry Black Pastors.

More foolishness from right-wing conservative Bill Owens and his crew. Anyone that follows politics knows that Rev. Bill Owens is rumored to be a paid hand with strong ties to Republican politicians.

In Washington, Tuesday Rev. Owens and his group of angry African-American pastors call for the impeachment and removal of Eric Holder, the head of the U.S. Department of Justice over his gay marriage stance.

 According to a press release, the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP) said it will “launch a pointless, meaningless, unproductive, futile, and ineffectual effort seeking to secure the signatures of one million people calling for Attorney General Eric Holder to be impeached.” Good luck with that!

Harlem Pastor, Church Sign Make A Crazy Claim About Black Women And The President???

In my opinion, Pastor James David Manning is a sorry and a poor excuse for a pastor. Shame on him for using such ugly slanderous language on a church sign.

"BREAKING NEWS" God Next Appearance Will Be Before Millions In North Carolina???

Let me make this perfectly clear, I am not saying David E Taylor isn't an end time prophet, what I'am questioning is his accuracy. With that said, just how much should a prophet be allowed to get wrong before his status is questionable?  David E. Taylor in his latest shenanigans  has prophesied that Jesus is going to physically appear in North Carolina this coming summer.

Katy Perry Dark Horse Have Caused Quite A Stir In Cyberspace!

Lord have mercy, according to Katy Perry, Dark Horse is nothing but Illuminati propaganda aimed at children.

Using bright colors and catchy hooks to subliminally teach them who rules the world and who controls the idols that they love and emulate. Very interesting read.

Sunday Apostle Eddie Long Dedicated "New Birth" Oakland Building For God!

To dedicate something means you set it aside to use for a special purpose.   According to  New Birth Facebook page, Apostle Eddie Long and the new birth family gathered in Oakland, CA, Sunday to dedicate a new building and its functions to God. 

Congratulation, New Birth!

Is Facebook Wrong For Removing Art Work They Consider To Be Offensive, Immoral, Harmful To Society????

Facebook now claims the authority to determine what does and does not constitute art. According to "",, Facebook, the popular social media site is now in censoring art. After reading and doing a little research, I found that Facebook censorship is more common than one might think.

South African artist Zenele Muholi, is a prominent activist for Gay and Lesbian rights in South Africa. A piece of her art was posted on Facebook by lesbian dating site SheMeetsHer in support of her work. It featured two female black women in an embrace. Many comments below the picture were encouraging and thoughtful. Yet, others took a condemning religious perspective against the women and the artwork. Facebook ultimately removed the image stating it did not follow their community standards, though this has been exhibited in international art exhibitions.

Is Pastor Steven Furtick 'Spontaneous' Baptisms A Form of Deception??

A Southern Bapitst megachurch pastor in North Carolina, already under fire for buying a $1.6 million house, is in the spotlight again for “spontaneous baptisms” that turn out to be not nearly so spontaneous after all. 

According to The Washington Post, a new report from NBC Charlotte suggests that Elevation’s supposedly spontaneous baptisms are carefully planned ahead of time, with people planted in the congregation to start the walk down the aisle.

Jesus Take The Wheel: Congregation Selling Church Property To Pay Pastor’s Bail!

Lord have mercy, members of a Vacaville congregation sold off pieces from the church in a fundraiser for the pastor’s bail.
Fellowship Baptist Church Pastor Mark Lewis remains behind bars on more than $1 million bail, accused of putting three people up to firebombing his ex-girlfriend’s home.
The pastor was rearrested after bailing out the first time for allegedly fraudulently registering his church, which was used as bail collateral. Get out of here!

Prayer Warrior's Get In Here: Nala Morrison Need Our Prayers!!

Words cannot begin to describe the video you are about to see below. Her name is Nala Morrison. She is 17, originally from New Jersey but lives in Minnesota. She has so many things going for her including being accepted into the Arts Institute, and a good job and her first apartment. She has all the trappings you would want in order to venture into the world of success and responsibility as a young adult.

What this beautiful girl does in this video is shocking and heartbreaking. She explains that she is so fed up with life and at her wits end, feels betrayed by friends and family, and her boyfriend Marquis. With nowhere to turn, she swallows 6 full bottles of pills taken from her father. The video is eerily painful as she details her struggles in life. The heartfelt conversation she has will bring tears to your eyes. Rest Here!

Therapists To Gather In Utah To Discuss Homosexuality In Mormon Faith!!

According to "The Salt Lake Tribune" mental health therapists with opposing views on homosexuality plan to participate in a conference this weekend designed for Mormons. 

The Circling the Wagons conference is meant to build understanding between gay, lesbian and transgender members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and other members. It runs Saturday and Sunday in Salt Lake City.

Jesus Take The Wheel: Grave Sucking?

Lord have mercy, there is a new craze spreading amongst many contemporary churches. It is known as ‘Grave Sucking’. The idea is to receive Gods anointing for revival and His spiritual gifts, you can visit the graves of the late church revivalists and “suck it out of their bones” by standing over or lying on the grave.  

Grave sucking or mantle grabbing is the belief and practice of pulling the supposed Holy Spirit powers from the dead bones of a previously empowered believer. It is taught that when a Spirit empowered individual dies their mantle or mission dies with them. In other words God’s mission for that believer was thwarted when that believer died.

Black Man Proves Adam And Eve Biblical Story Is A Lie??

Lord have mercy, folks are really pushing their hardest to discredit the bible on every turn.  In these last and evil day's there will be false teachings, and anything to discredit God creation.

Last week the headlines read there were no domesticated  camels in the time of Abraham, so the Bible must not be true. This week a black man's research PROVES Adam and Eve Biblical Story is a LIE: His DNA Dates Back 338 THOUSAND YEARS! So once again according to some the Bible is a lie!

Alleged: The People Bishop Is Being Stalked By A Former Church Member Who Has Him In Fear For His Life!

I'm a big supporter and follower of "the bishop" and his ministry, but didn't have a clue this kind of drama was unfolding around him and his family.  

According to internet rumors, Bishop T.D. Jakes, pastor of The Potter’s House Church in Dallas, Texas is being stalked by a former member of his church. District Judge Susan McCoy has issued a temporary restraining order against Karleisha Tarver for stalking Jakes over the last three years. She was ordered not to come within 500 feet of Jakes, his family and employees. 

And also, according to those same rumors:
"There are women who left their husbands & children to follow TD Jakes to Dallas, saying that God told them to do it. That's what happens when you worship a man. I'm sure this lady isn't the first woman to stalk Jakes & she won't be the last. It comes with the territory. She has to be stalking Jakes because of his fame & fortune."After following Bishop Jakes on social media fo…

Bishop Eddie Long Is Being Honored With The Gospel Heritage "Vision Lifter" Award.

Congratulations to Bishop Eddie Long who is being honored with the Gospel Heritage "Vision Lifter" award this Thursday!

Jesus Take The Wheel: Using Women To Lure Men Into The Congregation Is Twenty-First Century Evangelistic Innovation!

First of all I'm not comfortable with using sex appeal to attract anybody to church. I’m all for 21st Century approaches, but with the prevalence of sexual sin, sexual addictions, and lack of modesty in today's culture, we shouldn’t be throwing the church in the mix.

According to internet rumors, the “Hot Girls” flyer of Sign Fireman caused a commotion last year on the net, and folks have not still gotten over it.  People from all across the world wide web had different thoughts and things to say about the church new billboard campaign. But for me what I'm finding very interesting about the flyer, the pastor and the church, is that the pastor has just now decided to address the issue, a year later.

Lord Have Mercy: Pastor Jamie Coots Is Dead?

Pastor Jamie Coots, star of National Geographic’s canceled reality show Snake Salvation, which profiled Pentecostal snake-handling pastors, died last night after being bitten by a snake at his church in Middlesboro, Ky.

Middlesboro Police Chief Jeff Sharpe said Coots was found dead in his home at about 10 p.m. Saturday after a snake bit him while he was handling the animal in his church, Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus Name, according to WBIR.  Officials urged Coots to get medical care, but he refused. About an hour later he succumbed to his injuries.

Dr. Charles G. Hayes "AKA Father Hayes" Has Transition From Time Unto Endless Time.

Praying for the family and church family of Dr. Charles G. Hayes! Grew up listening to him & The Warriors on the radio. Dr. Charles G. Hayes, founder and pastor of Chicago's Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer, has died. He was 76 years old. 

Dr. Hayes and his famed choir, the Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer Choir, also known as The Mighty Warriors, recorded more than 30 albums over a 50-year period, including the perennial numbers "Jesus Can Work It Out" and "Step Back, Let God Do It."
Our deepest condolences are extended to Dr. Hayes' family, friends and fans, and the Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer.

Praise Report: Evangelist/Singer Carman Posted On Facebook That His Cancer Is Gone!!

To God be the glory, He's still in the healing business. 
Carman posted on Facebook last Friday that the cancer is gone!! 
He wrote:"They took tests P.E.T., MRI, Bone biopsies, etc. and could find NO trace of Cancer."

Lord Have Mercy Hollywood Is Now Writing The Teaching And Talking Points For The Christian Church????

According to the "Christian Post", Producers Roma Downey and Mark Downey have commission, Mega Church Pastor Rick Warren to create a Bible study to coincide with their latest movie "The Son of God."
Personally, I don't believe the Church Community should allow itself to be used by the evil kingdoms of this world to further their own personal agenda (money).

First Look at ‘Preachers’ Daughters’ Season 2: Alcohol, Drugs and Salvation!

According to Chris Witherspoon, Lifetime television is about to debut season 2 of their hit family docusoap Preachers’ Daughters. 

Below is a new clip from the upcoming show, which features cast members ranging between the ages of 16-years-old to 22 year-old, as they battle the temptations of drugs, alcohol and per-marital sex.

Lord, have mercy if you are a Preacher/Pastor/Teacher" and this is YOUR OWN OFFSPRING, then how in the world are you going to aid with the tools needed to save someone else child?

Has Erica Campbell abandoned The Label Of Gospel With Her New Project Which Is Slated To Be Released Today?????

According to Root Magazine, one half of platinum act Mary Mary, Erica Campbell, has unveiled the album cover for her highly anticipated debut entitled “HELP.” Erica raises the bar of creativity yet again with the “Out the Box” artwork, photographed by the amazing Derek Blanks.

On Monday, February 10, 2014, “HELP” will be available for PRE-ORDER on iTunes AND her new video of the same name will debut EXCLUSIVELY on Vh1 Soul & 

Honestly, by removing the gospel label from this project and by looking at the track listing only, I believe this is the best move she could have made music wise.

Question Of The Day: Should We As Christians Find The Use Of The Acronym 'OMG' Offensive?

Very interesting read! Consider the acronym OMG (Oh My God), which is widely used to express surprise or shock during a conversation. While on the surface, it may appear to be light and innocent, shouldn’t we as Christians find the use of this acronym offensive? Has the use of OMG become too common and careless?

We are required to hold the Lord’s name to a higher standard. The third commandment, found in Exodus 20:7 tells us, “You shall not take the Lord your God’s name in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain.” We are to honor and reverence God’s name at ALL times. Just as your name identifies who you are and all that you represent, God's name also is inseparable from His very being. Rest here!

Question Of The Day: Should The Bible Be Rewritten With A Dress Code Added For A New Generation???

That's the question that's been  asked in a Facebook group that I've recently joined.   I love the many different conversations and debates that can be found on social media covering just about anything.  The above and below pics are from my  Facebook timeline by way of Instagram.  This particular discussion is surrounding the best fashion in church outfits. 

One more time, the beginning foundation of my faith is by way of the Baptist and COGIC which the dress code in both was very strict and very classic.  It was good training for me to be raised in this way - and I would not trade being raised Baptist/COGIC for nothing in the world.