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Rip Dr. Paul Crouch Sr: Death For The Christian Is Turning Off The Light Because The Dawn Has Come!

I watched TBN for years and was truly blessed through it in more ways than one. It has been years now since I last watched the program but even with the many doctrinal differences I had with them. I will remain forever grateful for the many years the program served me well. My heartfelt prayers go out to the Crouch family.

Of all the messages of condolences I've read online to the family of the late Paul Crouch SR. Family..... The one written by Bishop Carlton Pearson is one of the most powerful.

Death for the Christian is turning off the light because the dawn has come.  R.I.P DR.PAUL CROUCH SR. 

The Christian Community Ain't Feeling The New 'Noah' Film Starring Russell Crowe!

Lord have mercy there's not enough of the Bible present in the new Hollywood epic film Noah, according to some. Many Christians and Jews alike, who have pre-screened the new Hollywood epic film on the life of Noah ain't to please with the film.

The upcoming film which stars Russell Crowe as Noah and Emma Watson as his adopted daughter Ila, has been screened to "key groups" with an interest in the subject matter, including a largely Jewish audience in New York, a largely Christian audience in Arizona and a general screening in California. Movie Trailer Here!

Good News: A Benefit Concert To Assist With Subsidizing Child Care For Families In Need.


Jesus Take The Wheel: The Worship Of God By Way Of Holy Hip Hop Have Come Under Fire!

The below video is of a panel discussion at the Worship of God Conference sponsored by the National Center for Family Integrated Churches. The panel discussion has set off a huge firestorm among some in the urban Christian community.   The tone that's being used by some of the men on the panel is very noticeable..and have not set to well with one reform rapper in particular.

Christian Reform Rapper Shai Linne weighed in by calling out the men on the panel, for their harsh tone of speech.   Shai felt like he was one of the reform rappers that the panel were discussing and felt that he should weigh in.

This video was brought to my attention today. Presumably, I’m one of the “reformed rappers” referred to in the video. As I watched it, it struck me the same way your series of blog posts a few years ago struck me. Men who desire to honor the Lord, attempting to evaluate whether or not a particular cultural form is biblical- from the perspective of relatively uninformed cultural outsid…

Everyone Have A Happy Thanksgiving!


Bible 101: Kanye Control Your Temper, For Anger Labels You A Fool.(Ecclesiastes 7:9)

Lord have mercy the internet been in a tizzy the last couple of hours after this news.  According to "The Christian Post" Kanye West and Sway Calloway got into somewhat of a heated exchange on the air early in the week.   Kanye the rap mogul appeared on Mr. Calloway Sirius XM radio show "Sway in the Morning." Mr. West was asking a couple of questions about his desire to have corporate support and responded angrily.

When host Calloway asked West, the 36-year-old rapper currently embarking on his nationwide "Yeezus" tour, about doing things without corporate backing, the entertainer seemed to get upset and berated his interviewer. This is never a good look for anyone especially someone who's  a Christian.

Good News: The Gospel According To Dorinda Clarke Cole Is Coming To The Word Network!

Dorinda Clarke Cole posted on her Facebook page last night that she was excited and elated to be officially apart of the Word Network Family. Congratulation Dr. Cole.

Should Single Christian Mothers Have To Put Their Kids Up For Adoption?

They do,  according to one Southern Baptist Leader......single moms are selfish and should always put kids up for adoption.  According to Southern Baptist leader Richard Land single women are unqualified to raise their children and should always give their kids up for adoption as “the best option for everyone concerned.” The appalling comment and article has since come under fire.

Jesus Take The Wheel: Bishop Allyson D. Nelson Abrams Has launched Her Own Church!

Last month, "The Old Black Church" broke the news that Bishop Allyson D. Nelson Abrams outgoing secretary of the Detroit Council of Baptist Pastors had resigned as pastor of Zion Progressive Baptist Church. The news came after Abrams informed her congregation that she was in fact married to a woman, and cited negative attention on the church as a reason for her departure. Now, according to new rumors the newly resign bishop has started her own church.

Get Out Of Here: Is Young Manasseh Jordan Slowly Turning Into His Late Mentor Rev. Ike???

Is it me or is young Manasseh Jordan now channeling his late mentor the late Rev. Ike? (Check out his mannerism in the below video clip) Someone on one of his YouTube channels brought this seeming new look in growth and change to my attention.  The young prophet was in Charlotte NC early in the month meeting with his partners.... During the meeting the young prophet explains to the group what prayer really means to us believers in Christ Jesus. During this powerful service Manasseh begins to discuss how important prayer is and how we can begin to make a difference in the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Judge Rules Against Pastors' Housing Tax Break!??!?!

One of the most important tax breaks available to American pastors is now unconstitutional according to a federal judge. According to "Religion News Services" the clergy housing exemption applies to an estimated 44,000 ministers, priests, rabbis, imams and others. If the ruling stands, some clergy members could experience an estimated 5 to 10 percent cut in take-home pay.

WARNING TO THE SMALL CHURCH: Robert L. Mosley, CPA. Mosley Financial Solutions LLC Has Got Some Splaining To Do!!

Local pastors are talking to 7 Action News in Detroit, about a man they say took money from them and their congregations. According to the video posted below. Robert L. Mosley has been using the Summer Food Program to scam churches across the country out of thousands of dollars. He is also being accused of charging churches to set up programs that the state government provides without a fee.

Jesus Take The Wheel: Gospel Singers Accuse Jay Z, Dr. Dre and Rick Ross of Stealing, Defacing Music!?!?!?

According to "The Courthouse News", two gospel singers sued Jay Z, Dr. Dre and Rick Ross, claiming the rappers "hijacked music and lyrics" that were meant "to be performed only as spiritually uplifting gospel music" and turned their song into a vile, sex- and drug-ridden vulgarity.

The Greater Atlanta Urban League Has Come Under Fire For Giving Chick-Fil-A Ceo Dan Cathy An Award???

The Urban League of Greater Atlanta is taking a lot of heat after they awarded their Community Empowerment Award to Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy during their Equal Opportunity Day dinner and gala.
In the past, Cathy has made headlines after making comments against gay marriage, equality and the company’s donations to anti-gay groups.  Source Here!

Gospel Singer DeWayne Woods loses 'best friend '????

Gospel singer DeWayne Woods an advocate for animals and a spokesman for PETA is thankful for a happy ending to what he called "a nightmare" earlier this week.

It's A Doggone Shame That There's Nothing Good To Be Said About The Psychic Sylvia Browne???

The online comments surrounding the death of psychic Sylvia Browne are unbelievable! Sylvia was a hated woman. After reading the many  comments about Sylvia I wonder if she knew she was disliked to this degree? Ms Browne was a very much in demand speaker and the author of dozens of  books including such titles as 'Afterlives of the Rich and Famous' and 'Visits from the Afterlife'. Updated: When Charlatans Die, Is It Wrong to Criticize How They Lived?

What Do You Think: Was Henry Louis Gates, Jr Out Of Line For Calling Richard Allen, The Founder Of The AME Church A "trickster"???


Jesus Take The Wheel: Pastor H. B. Charles Recent Comment "Armor Bearer" is NOT A Biblical Church Office Have Woken Up Christians On Social Media!

I appreciate this article. I've always wondered if this particular church office position was limited to and only found in the black community? In early September Pastor H.B. Charles Jr. senior pastor of Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Fla wrote an interesting blog post challenging the “office” of Armor Bearer.

How Many Folk In The Christian Church Know Of Habitual Fornicators??

How many folk in the church know of habitual fornicators? Why is nothing being done to stop and address the problem? Folk don't know, addressing the problem just may be what it takes to make church membership grow. It PAYS to do, preach and teach right.

What Do You As A Christians Say To Two Other Christians Sexing And Living Together, But Are Not Married?

Mark and Grace Driscoll offer biblical advice for dealing with two Christians who are living together but not married.
"If a friend who professes to be a Christian is living with his girlfriend who also professes to be a Christian, how should we confront him as a professing brother in Christ?"

The 10th Annual Drug Dealers Conference Winston Salem, N.C.!!

Facebook: Bishop Ellis on the road at the 10th Annual Drug Dealers Conference Winston Salem, N.C. Chris Tucker (Rush Hour) and Todd Bridges (Different Strokes) were keynote speakers along with Bishop as the graduation speaker.

 200 individuals registered, and they received time off their sentences, job assistance, counseling, police protection and relocation assistance. The annual program is hosted by Sir Walter Mack in conjunction with the city and the police Department.

What Do You Think: Joel Osteen Tells Steve Harvey God Does Have A Sense Of Humour!

Host and comedian Steve Harvey welcome televangelist Joel Osteen to his hit daytime self-titled talk show recently to question if God has a sense of humor. According to Osteen he believed God does indeed have a sense of humor.

Christian Motivational Speaker Justin Lookadoo Dating Advice Come Under Fire!

According to some,Christian 'motivational' speaker Justin Lookadoo got way more than he bargained for when he agreed to speak at Richardson High School in Texas on Wednesday.

The speaker was hired to deliver a thought-provoking speech to students but his address has instead sparked intense controversy among his followers.  Source Here!

Dr.Mike Freeman Laying Hands On Washington Redskins Wide Receiver Josh Morgan During Sunday Services Has Set Off A Firestorm On Social Media.

Washington Redskins wide receiver Josh Morgan family, life and career were blessed mighty Sunday morning  by the laying on of hands by Senior Pastor Mike Freeman of the Spirit of Faith Christian Center:
"May his family, life, and career be blessed - In Jesus Name Amen!!"! The actions of Pastor Mike during Sunday morning services has set off a big firestorm among some of his followers on his Facebook page. The comment posted below is in response to some of the negative comments:

Mass Wedding: Bethel Baptist Institutional Church Bishop Rudolph McKissick Jr Have Encouraged Couples Who shack up To Get Married.

Wow, the power of conviction. When the Word of God is preached and received it brings about a change. This is great, thank God for these couples.  I personally hold marriage in high esteem and congratulate the couples for stepping forward and making their situations correct. Marriage is God idea.

Atlanta Local Pastors Post YouTube Video To Fight For Poverty Stricken Communities?!?!?

There's a 10 minute video on YouTube to show how the poor are living near the multi-million dollar Georgia Dome. Church leaders in the Vine City and English Avenue communities of Southwest Atlanta posted the YouTube video early this week.  The video was created as a response to the city of Atlanta and Atlanta Falcons organization's agreement to build a new $1.2 billion stadium.

The Bible App For Kids!

Have you heard? There's a all-new Bible App for Kids that is almost ready! It's designed to help children engage with stories from the Bible, this completely free app will be available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android smartphones and tablets, and Amazon Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD.

Jesus Take The Wheel: Televangelist Kenneth Copeland Tell Veterans To Man Up, PTSD Isn't Biblical?!?!

According to religion, on a Veterans Day broadcast program, televangelist Kenneth Copeland and controversial historian David Barton told listeners that soldiers should never experience guilt or post-traumatic stress disorder after returning from military service.

Reading from Numbers 32: 20-22, Copeland said, “So this is a promise — if you do this thing, if you arm yourselves before the Lord for the war … you shall return, you’re coming back, and be guiltless before the Lord and before the nation.”

“Any of you suffering from PTSD right now, you listen to me,” Copeland said as Barton affirmed him. ”You get rid of that right now. You don’t take drugs to get rid of it. It doesn't take psychology. That promise right there will get rid of it.”
Barton added that many biblical warriors “took so many people out in battle,” but did so in the name of God.

PTSD has been a recurring issue among military veterans. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs classifies PTSD as a mental heal…

Marvin L. Winans Academy Of Performing Arts!


Mount Calvary Baptist Church Celebrating Rev.Al Sharpton This Generation's Drum Major For Justice!


Church Rescue A Black Church Teaching Moment: What It Mean To Be "Slain In The Spirit?"

The new reality show, Church Rescue debuted Monday (Nov. 11) on the National Geographic Channel, which feature church consultants as the reality show stars. The first episode was not without controversy. Slain in the spirit is the internet chatter surrounding the show. I believe anytime you view the black church experience through outside lens it's going to look strange. Some of the comments under the shows YouTube clip is somewhat quite telling in how the secular world and some Christians view "Spiritual Matters" especially, when it come to the black church.

Sad News Out Of Macon GA: The Pastor Of A Macon Church Fatally Shot Himself Outside His Home After Sunday Morning Service!

"You know a lot of times, we feel like when we are going through stuff and it's a lot that there's nobody there with us." I've heard many pastors acknowledge this, in my life time. It's no secret that when you are seeking your answers from God, that you have times of feeling like your "prayers are hitting the ceiling". My prayers and condolences goes out to his family.

The pastor of a Macon church fatally shot himself outside his home after Sunday morning service, a coroner says.  The Rev. Teddy Parker Jr.,pastor of Bibb Mount Zion Baptist Church, 3268 Avondale Mill Road, Macon, was found dead at his home. following service. His wife found him in the driveway of their Warner Robins home with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, said Houston County Coroner Danny Galpin. Parker, 41, and wife Larrinecia Sims Parker have two daughters, according to the church's website.

 Parker attended high school in Fairbanks Alaska and attended Theology Internation…

Jesus Take The Wheel: Somebody Done Went And Hacked Joyce Meyer's Twitter Account!??

This is wrong on so many levels.  Some of the million of followers of Joyce Meyers Ministry ain't too please with the person or persons who hacked into the woman of God Twitter account. And start to send out bogus tweets in her name.

For Taking Five Minutes To Pray During Evening Shift 24 Muslim Workers Was Fired???

About 24 Muslim workers in Cincinnati were fired recently for taking time to pray on the job after their company changed its policy on flexible break times. How could 5 minutes hurt anything? Sound like to me this company changed its break policy for the sole purpose and reason  to fire this particular group.  Article Here!

George W. Bush To Raise Money For Group That Converts Jews To Bring About Second Coming of Christ!

Lord have mercy this story is getting a lot of traction on line.

 Next week, former President George W. Bush is scheduled to keynote a fundraiser in Irving, Texas, for the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute, a group that trains people in the United States, Israel, and around the world to convince Jews to accept Jesus as the Messiah. The organization's goal: to "restore" Israel and the Jews and bring about about the second coming of Christ.

My Years Of Respect For Rev. Billy Graham Have Been Destroyed By His Right Wing Son??

This photo makes me sick!

 Once upon a time long ago I admired Rev. Billy Graham and his work. Especially the passion that was in his voice when he would give an all powerful "altar call" for all to come forward and "receive Christ in their hearts as their Lord and Savior." And to see all those thousands upon thousands flooded to front to do just that was oh so beautiful. Fast Forward today, on this past Thursday night BILLY GRAHAM, "AMERICA'S PASTOR" who packed out coliseums and stadiums around the globe for well over 50 years celebrates his 95th birthday in not such good company. Thanks to his right wing son.

Not Interest In Meagan Good and Devon Franklin Co-authoring A Book on Waiting Before Marriage!

"No thanks, I'll pass on their book. I'd much rather read a relationship book by an elderly couple who have reared productive children, sustained a relationship and created a legacy. These two haven't been married or together long enough to give anybody advice regarding relationships."
I love the comment above and agree 100% with it.  I'm not in no way interest  in Meagan Good and hubby  DeVon Franklin idea of doing a  tell all book about how they know what it mean to wait for "the one." The couple claim they  remained celibate before saying "I do" in 2012. Now they're ready to share their wisdom in a new self-help book called The Wait.

Attention Church: Christian R&B Artist Kem Wants To Share What Christmas Means To Him Personally In Your Church!??!

I found the above flyer in my email today and thought it to be somewhat of an interesting concept and idea.   Detroit R&B/ Christian Soul Singer and songwriter KEM released a Christmas album last year titled "What Christmas Means" which received a deluxe edition release last month. So with it being such a big hit last year he decided to hit the road later this year on a holiday tour in support of it. But what I find more interesting is that Kem's secular tour has been redesigned  as a holiday music and message for the Christian Church. Now that's good marketing. Below are the secular tour dates....I'm guessing if any church is in the touring area want Kem to perform should let the church administrator know.

12.15.13 - Norfolk, VA - Chrysler Hall
12.16.13 - Durham, NC - Durham Performing Arts Center
12.27.13 - St. Louis, MO - Chaifetz Arena
12.28.13 - Chicago, IL - Arie Crown Theater
02.14.14 - Birmingham, AL - BJCC Concert Hall
02.15.14 - Atlanta, GA - Atlan…

The Official Global United Fellowship Grand Inauguration!!

Sandra Varner over at Cafe Mocha Radio has a nice piece covering the magnificent procession that ushered in Bishop Neil C. Ellis as head of the newly form church.

Pictures courtesy of facebook!

Senior Bishops surround Bishop Ellis in prayer.

Why Want Important, Well-known, Leading, Eminent, Distinguished, Notable, Prominent Pastors Throughout The South Speak Out Against State Leaders Who Refuse To Accept Obamacare ?????

This is heartbreaking!

Why wont Pastor Joel Osteen, Bishop T.D.Jakes, Pastor Max Lucado, Pastor Charles Stanley, Pastor Ed Young Sr,and others, say anything publicly about the million of poor people in their communities who will be hurt by the coverage gap come 2014? According to John Blake at CNN all of the mention above pastors have declined to be interviewed about the subject.

There were good intention when the ACA was passed with the goal of filling in gaps in the availability of affordable health coverage in the United States, FOR ALL.

 When folks talk about the Affordable Care Act, most want to focus on the troubled launch of its website.

 But another complication of the law has received less attention: a “coverage gap” that will leave nearly 5 million poor Americans without health care, according to a Kaiser Health Foundation study. Link Here!