Jesus Take The Wheel: Apostel Bill Adkins The Founder And Senior Pastor Of Greater Imani Church In Memphis, TN. Has Been Called Out By His Illegitimate Daughter?!??!

Go to Hell Bill Adkins!

This has got to be one of  the most painful yet powerful letters I believe I have ever read in my life. Kudo's and high five to this young lady for having the courage to put her biological father on blast for choosing not to be part of her life.

 Apostel Bill Adkins

"There is a crisis of character and personal integrity in America. Fueled by immorality and spiritual decay; it is the root cause of violence, selfishness, greed, materialism, infidelity, and all manner of evil. In short, people are forgetting God and abandoning our fundamental beliefs." ~ Dr. Bill Adkins


  1. This is a shame i cant believe this is happening not in my church


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