Wasn't Jesus Born For Golgotha Hill? Lawyer From Kenyan Want To Take Israel to Court For The Death of Jesus?

The end is near! It’s not sad that this man wants to make a name for himself  that’s human nature. However, it would be sad should the International Court of Justice take on this case.

With proof and evidence (BIBLE)  in hand a lawyer from Kenya has petitioned the International Court of Justice......that the trial and crucifixion of Jesus Christ was unlawful, and that Israel, along with Roman Emperor Tiberius (42BC-37AD), Pontius Pilate, Jewish elders, King Herod, and the Republic of Italy should stand trial. Forget the fact that those he wishes to take to court have been dead for 2000 years, Indidis believes that the governments they acted for should still be held accountable.

Like a lamb led to slaughter, the Roman soldiers herded Jesus Christ of Nazareth through the serpentine streets of Jerusalem’s bustling market district, then brutally nailed Him naked to a cross on Golgotha Hill. Even though Pontius Pilate “found no basis for a charge against Him,” the Judean Governor still reluctantly ordered Jesus’ execution, a decision probably intended to placate Jewish religious leaders and pacify the people. After departing the “Stone Pavement” where Governor Pilate washed his hands of the matter, the convicted Jesus was handed over to Jewish religious leaders who in turn remanded Him to a Centurion, Roman commander of the 100-man company assigned to the crucifixion detail that day.
Can you Imagine sitting in a church on Sunday morning  and never hearing the above sermonette preached again?


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