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Friday, July 5, 2013

The Entire Bible To Published As A Graphic Comic Book Version.

Times are changing, from the creation of the world and the great flood to the Book of Revelation, a 12-volume, 2,000-page comic-book version of the entire Bible is in the works in America – "the most complete graphic adaptation of the Bible ever done", according to its Christian publisher Kingstone.

 Kingston Bible 'An evergreen product in the marketplace' the cover of the Revelation volume of the Kingstone Bible.  The comic version, said Kingstone, is intended to "teach and explain the major stories and themes in the Bible in a historical and chronological manner."

"The Bible is continually the best-selling book of all time. The Bible series on the History Channel was just the top-rated cable program ever. We suspect The Kingstone Bible … will be also said Ayris. 

Ayris hopes the new version will help readers to better understand the Bible. "I am continually stunned at the Bible illiteracy I see in the general culture and even church goers.

 I felt there needed to be both a graphic bridge and a chronological structure to help (especially the younger ones) to grasp and understand the major themes of the Bible. 
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  1. This is great news! My children have bibles like these and it really helps them understand what's actually going on in it more. I'm telling the truth when I say if you make a kid read deuteronomy they will not understand it fully! They'll be like "Can I go back to reading green eggs & ham?"

  2. William it's without question different. But most of the chatter surrounding it is positive.

  3. I am really a big fan of him, in my exhibition ( Ealy Mays Artworks) I painted a picture of him.

  4. I think it's a terrible idea. I hate that the bible has different versions to it. I'm one of those "purest", if anyone wants or needs a greater of understanding of the bible shouldn't they ask the ONE that inspires it? I don't know this is just my opinion.


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