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What Happened That Night In Niger When Sgt. LaDavid Johnson Was Left Behind To Die?

Reader have y'all heard about this story? While everyone is so busy talking about 45's handling of his call to the widow of the soldier killed in Niger, as tragically sad and pathetic that was, we're all missing the important part of that story...the part about what happened that night in Niger. The story that is emerging is so much worse than anything that happened in Benghazi, but the same GOP Congress that investigated Benghazi with a fury seems to have little or no interest in this story. I found the following comment on Joe Madison Facebook page:

Really I am Just Stunned What Kind Of Recognition Is Trayvon Martin Stepmom Seeking?

This is disgusting, I don't know how many have seen the clip of "Trayvon Martins" stepmom telling Anderson Cooper  she's tired of being overlooked by the media and family! 

Now in my opinion step mom is out of line. I'm not saying she didn't love Trayvon, but this is not the time for her to talk about her silly issues of being overlooked.

 She's Trayvon's step mother not his mother, they don't ever have to mention her if they don't want to. She got the nerve to mention where she was seated at during the funeral.

These folks son was killed. She is being disrespectful and is showing she could care less about what they are going through. This is DISRESPECTFUL!  Clip Here!


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