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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Question Of The Day:Does The Image Of Bert and Ernie Hugging On The Cover Of The New Yorker Magazine Seem Inappropriate?

I remember growing up watching the characters Bert and Ernie.... They were my favorite part of Sesame Street.  But for some reason or another the  world has taken it upon itself to make the characters  controversial. 

Out of all the years I watched "Sesame Street " I never thought Bert and Ernie were a couple but it's obvious a lot of people in our country think otherwise. I thought they were good friends who got on each other nerves.

Anyhow, the internet went into overdrive Friday after the image of Monday's New Yorker cover emerged.  The cover of the New Yorker Magazine has come under fire for featuring  a drawing of Sesame Street's  Bert and Ernie snuggled up together on a couch watching the Supreme Court justices on TV.

Again, the debate about the sexual orientation of Sesame Street Muppets Bert and Ernie isn't a new one, but Monday's cover of the New Yorker has caused more people to talk about the topic, of same sex marriage as it relates to children.

 The hubby and I were discussing the controversy surrounding the magazine picture when I honestly can say, we got nowhere.  I'm thinking most heterosexual men will shut completely down when it comes to discussing homosexuality. Why is this?

 I tried to point out to him what if Bert and Ernie are simply two best friends who support gay marriage, are they wrong? My husband says yes! 
What do you think Is the New Yorker cover of Bert and Ernie wrong for showing the Muppets in such an intimate way? 


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