Jesus Take The Wheel: What In The World Can We Do To Help These Senior Citizens Get Back The Church They Love So Dearly?

Lord have mercy have y'all read this? This is heartbreaking,  I can't believe a man who claims to be call by God would go to this link to take control of a church. Article Here!

“This pastor was hired as pastor at the church about 3 years ago. During that time he has removed every person from position that has opposed him. When I say opposed him meaning substantial raises, additional money above and beyond his salary, control over the checkbook, and all programs. 
In the 3 years he has been there he has fired 3 administrators, stripped and removed 6 trustees, Chairman of the deacon board, all those who were authorized to sign checks (because they would not write him checks). After the membership came together to confront Pastor Rollinson for answers on the church finances, he went to the police station and got restraining orders against everyone who signed a petition seeking answers to what is going on with the church money. 
The Grandmother of the founding family started this church 60 years ago in her living room, and he has now banned all of them from attending services. This has always been the family’s home church, and now they are not allowed to attend. He now has control over the churches finances and has tried to get the deed of the church switched to his name. 
Every Sunday he has a hired Charlotte-Mecklenburg Deputy sheriff parked and providing security for anyone he banned from the church. This is not the 1st time he has attempted this. He was pastor of Mount Dowell Baptist Church 4717 Chester Highway in McConnells, SC 29726. He attempted this same thing, but could not pull it off. For more information please call the daughter of the founder of Morning Star – phone number attached. Her son was Chairman of the Deacon board before being banished from the church. Pastor Rollinson has appointed all new deacons trustees and officers, of which many of them do not know the full scope of this man.”


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