Jesus Take The Wheel: Bishop Noel Jones Says "Preachers of LA Is Not an Evangelical Tool" To Be Used To Draw Anyone To The Kingdom Of God??

Lord have mercy, Bishop Noel Jones, lead  pastor of City of Refuge Church in Gardena, Calif., have come out swinging and  throwing punches in his defense for appearing in the controversial Oxygen network's upcoming "Preachers of L.A." docu-series.

 The Bishop said in an exclusive interview with Pastor Mark Burns of Impact Network's "Lift Your Voice" that the already-controversial program was in no way meant to draw unbelievers to faith in Jesus Christ.

The reality show, Jones hopes, will instead challenge misconceptions among some Christians who believe their pastors are superhuman and never make mistakes. Source!


  1. Smh... No comment!

    1. Coming on Big Chris you don't have nothing to say? I'm surprise!

  2. I see signs of the Judgement, ( yea) I see signs of the Judgement, (yea) I see signs of the Judgement, (yes Lord) Time is drawing nigh. Remember what God has spoken in His Word and what Jesus said in the Gospels,and what the Holy Ghost said through John in Revelation shall come to pass. And do you not know that it is going to be fulfill through people like Jesus was betrayed by Judas, denied by Peter, and sin came in through Adam. Jesus said in Matthew 24:4- "take heed that NO MAN deceive you".

  3. Well, at least he is being honest!!!

  4. I know pastors aren't superhuman because they..
    Get speeding tickets
    Can't spell Thessalonians
    And can only manage 4 push-ups.

    but Noel Jones has self inflicted ghetto, hood rat issues.

    I understand pastors can't be perfect but Jones ain't even average.

    [These elders should be] men who are of unquestionable integrity and are irreproachable, the husband of [but] one wife, whose children are [well trained and are] believers, not open to the accusation of being LOOSE IN MORALS AND CONDUCT or unruly and disorderly. (Titus 1:6 AMP)

    1. Cop exactly! Anyone who has any common sense at all, know that every man that exit the womb of a woman is not perfect and will never be perfect. So, I don't understand what he's talking about with that comment, I wish that he would have kept this silly comment to himself.

  5. "Bishop" Jones has only reduced my level of respect for him, which wasn't that high to begin with. He calls himself a Bishop and should operate as such. Him airing his dirty laundry on national tv for a check and then attempting to disguise it as a tool to appear down to earth is deceptive. This is not the road that a pastor should take when trying to show his followers how to relate to him.

  6. Is it me, or does Noel Jones act like a horny teenager in the last 20 seconds of the video?

  7. We have to remember what the Word says: we cannot let ourselves as the body of Christ get caught up with the cares and riches of this life which will cause us to turn from the faith, seduce us and cause us to backslide.Remember the Word says there is going to be a great falling away first. We need to stop justifying sin and weaknesses as if the Almighty God can't fix us, help us, empower us to overcome this flesh, the world, and flesh. The Bible says greater is He that is in us than the devil who is in the world. Are we working the Word or letting it slip? Stop making excuses for our flesh when He has called us to a holy calling and we are to be taught how we are to behave and conduct ourselves as his children. When Jesus comes he that is holy will be holy still; he that is righteous is going to be righteous still; and he that is filthy shall be filthy still. Let God's Word be our guide and not some well known preacher no matter who it is and how long they have been preaching. A tree is known by the fruit is bears and they(we) shall be known by our fruit.Matt.13:22,2Thes.2:3, 1John4:4, ROM.13:14, 2Tim.1:9, 1Tim.3:15, Rev.22:11, Matt.7:15-20; Rom3:4. The Word of God still prevails and so does the blood of Jesus over sin and to wash away our sins.

  8. I'm sorry but Noel Jones looks like an old pervert who have reached their peak.

    1. That's exactly what he is, the old perverted man who still hangs out in the club.


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