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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Why In The World Would The Urban Gospel Group Livre Appear on VH1's Love And Hip Hop Atlanta!??!?!??!?!?

Is Reality TV becoming the new evangelists tool, that's being used for  the Kingdom of God? Man this is the worse marketing mess I have every witness.

I don't know why in the world the contemporary gospel’s newcomers Livre’ would even consider making  their network television debut aboard a raunchy reality show like LOVE AND HIP HOP. But they will, next week, according to The Urban Gospel.  The VH1’s hit reality series Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is set to air Monday, June 10th with Livre as guest. 

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  1. Friendship with the world is emnity against God.
    So many artist want to have secular status popularity. They forgot when you speak truth you will not be acceptable to the world. As far as reaching anybody....salvation is the last thing on somebody's agenda when they tune in to that show. You tune in for shenanigans. They are looking for hits...not to minister. You have to be careful and uncompromising when it comes to a ministry gift God has blessed you with....we are suppose to exude character not join them. When He said peculiar...in that context He meant set aside for His particular purpose and nothing else. Get real ...the great falling away. Enduring sound doctrine is a nono in these last days. I'm amazed at these gospel artist wanting to be Hollywood. That's an example of setting your kingdom on earth....we have to live to live again. Real,true,unadulterated,flat-footed gospel is not concerned about being a "star." As in fallen star.


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